How is a start carried out

Successful start in Lubmin: First ship loads successfully carried out

Brunsbüttel Ports begins operations at the new Baltic Sea location. First orders successfully completed by the new operator of the Lubmin Port. Loading of rapeseed meal as well as system components and other logistics services takes place.

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH has been the operator of the Baltic Sea port of Lubmin Port in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania since January 1st, 2021. In the first month after starting our activities there, we are already putting our skills to the test at the new universal port location. In addition to work on the "ODIN" floating dredger, the first ship loading was carried out. Furthermore, we prove our competencies as a versatile logistics service provider. A successful start to the new year at the new location!

The year began for us with work on the “ODIN” floating dredger, which is currently being used for a project to connect two Baltic Sea wind farms to the German high-voltage grid. In order to be able to carry out deeper work below the surface of the water, the mounted dipper stick of the dredger was replaced with a longer dipper stick in cooperation with a crane service provider. Furthermore, various other supporting activities were taken over by Brunsbüttel Ports.

In addition, ten cable drums, each weighing up to 27.5 tons, were delivered to the port of Lubmin for temporary storage in the course of the same project in January. The general cargo components were transported by truck to the storage area and then placed on it using a mobile crane.

In the second week of January, Brunsbüttel Ports carried out the first ship loading in Lubmin Port. A total of 2,100 tons of rapeseed meal was loaded onto the ocean-going vessel "MS Rix Emerald". The cargo was previously transported to the port by truck and loaded onto the ocean-going vessel with a mobile excavator without intermediate storage. From Lubmin, the ocean-going vessel then set off with its cargo to its destination port in Aabenraa (Denmark). The loaded rapeseed meal is produced by pre-pressing the rapeseed and then extracting it. Due to its high energy and protein content, rapeseed meal is a valuable feed for cattle, pigs and poultry. The rapeseed meal is produced by the oil manufacturer Lubmin Oils GmbH based in the adjacent industrial area "Lubminer Heide". In this way, the Lubmin Port functions as a universal goods hub for the local industry.

This function is also underlined by the loading of a total of 32 large components of two container cranes from a large construction machinery and crane manufacturer, which took place in the third calendar week in Lubmin Port. The general cargo segments, most of which come from the factory located in the Lubmin industrial area, were loaded onto the ocean-going vessel "MS Symphony Spirit" using on-board cranes. After the successful loading, the ocean-going vessel drove from Lubmin via Cádiz to its destination port in Malta.

Frank Schnabel, Managing Director of Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH / SCHRAMM group, is happy about the successful start in Lubmin Port: "Our goal is to develop Lubmin Port into an important freight hub on the Baltic Sea coast and to integrate it firmly into our extensive SCHRAMM Ports network. Integrate logistics. This goal is also underscored by our investments on site, for example in new handling equipment. We are also expecting the next ocean-going ship this week. The successful start confirms our plan and allows us to look ahead with optimism. We are already looking forward to many more exciting projects. "