Why don't hospitals do doctors reimbursements

Reimbursement of costs in the statutory health insurance: hardly any real benefit

It is also important that the so-called service providers, such as doctors or dentists, must inform the insured prior to treatment that additional costs for services that are not covered by the health insurances' obligation, such as costs for individual health services or cost rates that exceed the scope of benefits the statutory health insurance are to be borne by the insured himself.

Optional tariff reimbursement: advantages for an additional charge

Statutory health insurance companies have the option of offering their insured persons optional tariffs. Insured persons can voluntarily opt for such a tariff.

In deviation from the principle of benefits in kind, statutory health insurances can unite their insured persons Optional tariff reimbursement to offer.

With the optional cost reimbursement tariff, as the insured person, you pay the medical bill yourself, as described above, and then submit it to your statutory health insurance company for reimbursement.

Many health insurance companies advertise this optional tariff with statements such as "Treatment like a private patient", "Feel like a private patient without being one?" or "private patient without medical examination".

Insured persons who opt for such a tariff would like to take advantage of the advantages of a private patient in terms of medical treatment, such as faster appointments or free choice of doctor, even with doctors who are not licensed by health insurance.

In such optional tariffs, health insurances can reimburse you for higher costs than they are normally covered by the statutory health insurance, so that you pay less yourself for private treatment. For these "variable reimbursement tariffs", however, the health insurance company charges you an additional premium over and above the normal health insurance contribution.

This premium can be more or less high depending on the amount of the reimbursement or your age, so that the savings may be gone again.

Reimbursement of costs for treatments abroad

The reimbursement of treatment costs abroad is a special case. Insured persons can also take advantage of medical treatment in other European countries, e.g. for dentures, and in the end have the costs reimbursed by their local health insurance company.