Why are my nails orange in color?

These celebrities love orange nail polish in summer

There was a time when my nail polish collection was so large that I ran out of space in my refrigerator for groceries. Okay, of course I'm exaggerating a tiny bit. But in fact there was almost no color that I didn't have in my repertoire. And then came a phase in which I radically sorted out and only had a classic red, a subtle nude-colored and a rebellious black nail polish. I just didn't feel like gaudy and eye-catching colors anymore. That could change now, however, because the orange-colored nails of Selena Gomez, Halsey, Margot Robbie & Co. look really cool!
If you previously thought that orange just wasn't your thing, for example because it doesn't go that well with your skin tone or is too extravagant and flashy, it's best to start with a pastel shade. After all, nobody forces you to use neon orange or coral-colored nails - even if they admittedly have the greatest effect. Soft peach tones and burnt orange are also a very nice alternative to demonstrate trend awareness.
Would you like a little inspiration? Then click your way through the slideshow in which I show what the celebrity trend is like.
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