Are there cats with green eyes

This tells your cat's eye color about its character

Every cat is unique. Just as unique as their eye color. According to a Swedish study, eye color reveals a lot about character in people. And in cats, too, characteristic traits can be derived from the color of the eyes.

That is why all kittens are born with blue eyes

The color of the cat's eyes is determined by pigment cells that produce the pigment melatonin. Since the pigment cells do not start producing this dye until a few weeks after the birth all kittens with blue eyes born. Blue eyes are caused by the lack of pigment cells on the iris.

The eye is actually colorless, but appears blue from the light refracted by the lens. At around 6 weeks of age, the blue coloration disappears and the iris begins to change color from the inner edge to the later eye color. Cats usually have theirs three to four months after they are born final eye color accepted.

This is what the cat's eye color says about its character

Even if a Relationship between eye color and character of the cat cannot be scientifically proven, the eyes reveal a lot about personality. It is not for nothing that the eyes are also called windows to the soul.

Cats with blue eyes

Blue cat eyes are reminiscent of the many different shades of blue in the sea. Cats with blue eyes it is said that they are always friendly and cheerful. Due to their lively nature, they love playing games with their people.

Since blue-eyed cats are usually also very intelligent, they are particularly happy about small intelligence or skill games. If their people are not doing well, many show themselves blue-eyed cats especially soulful and give consolation to their two-legged friends.

These pedigree cats have blue eyes:

Cats with green eyes

Green is a very common eye color in cats, while green is the rarest eye color in humans. Have less than four percentages of all people green eyes! Perhaps that is also the reason that green cat eyes seem so mysterious to us.

Behind green cat eyes impressive creatures hide. Cats with green eyes are a little more cautious at first and observe new situations from a distance. However, once they have gained confidence in their two-legged friend, that brings Cats with green eyes nothing out of the calm so quickly.

These pedigree cats have green eyes:

Cats with yellow to copper colored eyes

The eye color of many cats ranges from a light shade of yellow to strong, dark copper. The darker the cat's fur, the more those eyes seem to glow. Cats with yellow eyes are considered real individualists. They know exactly what they want and show it clearly to their humans.

Cats with yellow eyes are also considered to be very sociable. So that they don't get bored, it is important to provide enough variety for the cats.

These pedigree cats often have yellow to copper-colored eyes:

Cats with two different eye colors

Two different eye colors in cats are known as Iris heterochromia. One eye is always blue. In this the pigment cells are missing. Cats with two different eye colors attract a lot of attention.

They are extremely attractive and they know it too. They love to be caressed by their human for hours. But woe, you have enough of it and the person does not notice it quickly enough. Then he can get a gentle blow with his claws.

This is why staring at cats is considered impolite

Even if we are fascinated by cats 'eyes, we should avoid staring into cats' eyes. It's one of the things cats hate the most. Staring is considered impolite among cats as it expresses aggression or a willingness to attack. Cats who are friendly to each other like to blink at each other very slowly. So, to show your cat your affection, you can safely wink at it slowly a few times.