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With the help of our home manager team and accompanying career counseling, the three school leavers have prepared for the university entrance tests. After passing the entrance test, Poonam qualified for the Benares Hindu University (BHU). Vikash and Aatish will continue their education from the coming semester at Mahatma Gandhi College (also in Benares). While Poonam is initially aiming to study Indian history, Vikash would like to study English and learn another foreign language. Aatish, on the other hand, will devote himself to a business degree. Similar to Rahul, for whom we enabled further training in German in Kathmandu at the Goethe Institute after completing his studies at the BHU, we will also largely support Poonam, Aatish and Vikash during their new phase of life. Be it by assuming your training costs or covering part of your living costs such as student accommodation, clothing and the cafeteria. Of course, we will be at your side with support and advice so that you can easily master the transition to everyday student life.

As much as the three of them are already looking forward to their new freedoms in student life, it is still painful for them to leave the children's home and with it their home and their family, friends, brothers and sisters after so many years. But of course the gates of our children's home will be open for you at any time and we look forward to your coming visits from you. We are both happy and grateful that we were able to offer Poonam, Aatish and Vikash the opportunity to escape the predetermined fate of the street children with the help and accompaniment of their long-term direct godparents. You will now be able to begin a qualified apprenticeship in order to pursue a self-chosen profession in the future, which will hopefully bring you joy and a good income for an independent, self-determined future.


2012 report - At the end of January, the oldest children in our Kathak and Tabla classes were able to showcase their talent within a very special framework. Archana (13), Moni (11), Sumitra (12), Devid (12), Poonam (13), Swati (12), Anita (13) and Sonu (16) as well as nine other girls from the children's rights program traveled for one week to Calcutta, 700 km away, to represent their state of Uttar Pradesh with dance, song and music performances during the “Asian Youth Festival”. As part of the event, which this year took place under the motto “Consciousness of Oneness”, 384 young people from 18 Indian states and the neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka met. The girls and boys all came from the poorest and most disadvantaged social classes. The invitation to the “Young Men’s Welfare Society”, founded under the patronage of Mother Theresa, took place in November and since then our children have started to prepare for the event in regular practice hours. Unfortunately, at that moment, our long-time dance and kathak teacher, Mata Prasadji, dropped out due to illness. But our children quickly knew what to do and chose Sonu as their assistant teacher and choreographer. From then on, the children taught themselves all the dance steps and movements in many, of course, very funny practice lessons. After weeks of anticipation, it finally started on the evening of January 22nd, 2012. Taking the night train to Calcutta was a great pleasure right from the start. The folding loungers were used extensively for gymnastics and games. As accompanying supervisors, Rajesh Rai, director of the children's home, and Mrs. Chanda, the social worker from the slums, received a little foretaste of how colorful and lively the coming days would be.

When they arrived in Calcutta at sunrise the next morning, they immediately moved into their new accommodation. The mattress-lined classrooms of the “Children Foundation School” served as a place to sleep in the coming week and the spacious garden was used as a venue for joint games, art and sports competitions and for courses to further develop singing and dancing skills. After the rucksacks had been put down and the mattresses made, it was time to get to know the other children from distant federal states or neighboring countries. In the evening there was an informal welcome by the organizer and afterwards the children were allowed to choose between different dance and singing courses, which were conducted by world-famous artists. Sonu was fortunate enough to have two full hours of instruction from the famous Kathak master, Asim Bandhu Bhattacharyya. He beamed with joy. After two days of casual getting to know each other, the official opening of the four-day festival took place on the evening of January 23rd in the halls of the Kala Mandir event center. Following the address given by the Governor of the State of West Bengal, the participants from Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nagaland, Mizoram, Kerala and Himanchal Pradesh performed classical traditional dances from their region.

The rest of the week was determined by a tight but exciting schedule, which, in addition to the joint courses and preparations for the evening musical performances, also offered plenty of time to complete a colorful and varied program of cultural and entertainment during the day. Visiting famous landmarks of the metropolis, such as the Kali or Ramakrishna Temple, left a lasting impression on the children. But the hearts beat faster: the first time with a subway (Metro), the visit of the zoo and the Science City (a technical museum for children) and of course the trip to the Nicco-Freizeit-Park. Swati's heart is still racing today when she excitedly reports about her first rollercoaster ride. On the last evening of the festival our children finally had the chance to show what they can do. The lively and enchanting dance performance of the title “Raadha kaise njale” left a lasting impression on all spectators and was recognized with thunderous applause. Applause, which tasted even sweeter since the children had worked this out all by themselves. All the more exuberantly, they celebrated the end of the festival as part of the children's disco. After a week it was time to say goodbye to new friends and take unforgettable moments home with you. When the children arrived at the children's home happy and exhausted, they were of course not spared the curiosity of the other children. For days Sonu, Moni, Sumitra, Devid, Poonam, Swati, Anita and Archana told the funniest stories of their big and small adventures, as well as exotic dishes. Devid, for example, remarked that in Calcutta they "put sugar in every single dish, but just not in the tea", as one is used to in Benares ...


2015 report - We are happy: some of our children were able to finish school or university again and are now taking the next step on their way to independence. We will continue to support them - always with the aim of giving them the best possible support.

Meera:After having successfully completed the 12th grade of the Little Flower School in Benares, Meera has now been admitted to the Banaras Hindu University. There she is aiming for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in philosophy. In her first year at university, a lot of things still feel unfamiliar to her, but she really enjoys studying. She no longer lives in the children's home, but in a student dormitory - together with her friends Soni and Manju.

Ramesh:Ramesh is primarily interested in social issues. Therefore, after graduating from Little Flower School, it was clear to him that he wanted to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, a distance learning university. His dream is to work as a social worker to help people in need. Although he is studying at another university, he shares his dorm room with his close friend Guddu.

Guddu:Guddu also successfully completed Little Flower School and decided to study. His choice fell on the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at the Kashi Institute of Medical Science, a private college. After this, he has already ambitiously set his sights on the master’s degree (MBA) so that he can later get a good job in a company. He shares a room in the dormitory with his friend Ramesh.

Suraj:Unfortunately, Suraj has not yet been able to successfully complete the 12th grade exams at the Little Flower School. But he didn't hang his head, instead he rolled up his sleeves: Now he's studying under high pressure so that he can repeat the exams in December. His goal afterwards is to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce degree so that he can later work in the public sector.

Aatish and Vikas:The boys have just successfully graduated from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith Varanasi University. Aatish is now a Bachelor of Commerce, Vikas is allowed to hold the title of Bachelor of Arts. Both are currently preparing for professional life. Of course, our team is also at your side during the application process. In addition, we offer them the option of taking a distance learning course financed by Back to Life at the Indira Gandhi National Open University in addition to their future career in order to gain additional qualifications.


2015 report - Already in his early childhood he met with great misfortune: Lalu Paswan was still little when his father tragically passed away. He had no chance of ever getting to know him properly. Since those difficult times we have been taking care of the bright boy, who is characterized, among other things, by his extremely honest nature. Once again, he suffered a severe blow of fate when his mother died of tuberculosis 4 years ago. At that time he almost dropped out of his training and left the children's home to go to work for his family. Fortunately, we were able to convince him to stay with us to complete his school education first. In the meantime he has grown into a handsome young man and has developed extremely well at the age of 19. He was recently voted “Boy of the Month”. An award given by all boys in the children's home in one vote. It proves how popular he is with the other children. Several things are particularly valued about him: his extremely positive approach to life, the strong will to work and his great sense of responsibility.

After successfully completing the 10th grade, he is now attending the Saint Sai ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) state technical college in Benares. Every day he gets on his bike to get to class quickly. His determined work is very beneficial to him: He finds his way around the theoretical as well as the practical part of the course. Now he is making big plans for the future. He would like to work as a technical assistant in the Ministry of Railways. Whether as an employee or as a freelancer. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, he has already set another “milestone” for his professional career. As soon as he has finished the ITI course, he wants to apply as a trainee at a company in order to gain relevant experience. We are very proud of Lalu's commitment and determination. We keep our fingers crossed for him and of course we will support him in his plans. Lalu is happy: “Thanks to the support from Back to Life, I can build my own future. That's great. Many Thanks!"

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