Is bungee jumping safe in Rishikesh

Top 5 Bungee Jumping Destinations in India

Bungee jumping is a relatively new adventure, tempting the Indian group of travelers who love the idea of ​​the adrenaline rush. When you are tied to a rope and falling down the height, the free fall experience is inexplicable. Unless you have serious health problems, bungee jumping is a great idea for experiencing chills in the spine. It's a sport that will scare you when you watch people do it on TV, but once you try it, despite that initial hesitation, you won't regret the experience. With adventure tourism playing a strong role in the country, bungee jumping is taking on new roots in India and there are plenty of places to go for a fun ride. So take a look at those Top 5 Bungee Jumping Destinations in India.

1. Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

height- 83 m

You know this small town of Uttarakhand at the foot of the Himalayas as a pilgrimage center that welcomes hundreds of devotees every year. Bungee jumps into it Rishikesh can be an exciting time to make your way up the canyon with picturesque Himalayan hills in the background. Jumping Heights in Mohan Chatti Village is the highest place for bungee jumping in India.

2. Lonavala, Maharashtra

height - 45 m

Because of its proximity to the bustling cities of Pune and Mumbai, you can go bungee jumping from Della Adventures in Lonavala has a lot of enthusiasts. Della Adventures is one of the largest adventure parks in the country and offers a truly exciting adventure experience without compromising on safety. Far from the busy city life, you'll find peace of mind among the chills and frills of bungee jumping.

3. Anjuna Beach, Goa

height - 25 m

Goa never ceases to excite the youth when it comes to a perfect vacation. It's a lively place with crystal blue beaches that are often the perfect backdrop. So if you are planning a trip to Goa there is a reason to cheer. Gravity Adventure Zone, close by Anjuna Beach in Goa has bungee jumping options to revitalize the adventure junkie in you. It's located at a low altitude and wouldn't intimidate you as much as the other places especially if you are a beginner.

4. Bangalore, Karnataka

height - 25 m

With a large part of the population in the cities of Bangalore As a youth, this location is a popular bungee jumping destination in the county. The bungee jumping experience in Ozone adventure Bangalore will really simulate you as there is no fixed platform for bungee jumping here. You jump from a platform at a height of 40 m to a mobile crane. Well this is the real and risky deal and not recommended for the faint of heart. So if you want to get into some extreme bungee jumping options, this is the place.

5. Delhi

height - 25 m

Wanderlust in Delhi is a formidable bungee jumping option for the city dwellers in the north. The place has plenty of safe bungee jumping from a crane. Even if you don't take the plunge from a fixed platform, the experience here is less intimidating with the best quality equipment that will make you feel safe.

Guaranteed that the whole bungee jumping escapade will give you goose bumps, but when it comes to adventure sports, always make sure of the safety of your life. Obtain all necessary dishes and other equipment, and those of good quality, even if it means additional costs. With that in mind, you're good to go. It will definitely leave you on pins and needles. Get the company of your best friends and spend the weekend doing something exciting. On your next trip, Make sure bungee jumping is on your list. You will definitely love it.