Everyone in the US drives automatically

Musk: Autonomous Tesla drive across the USA is possible for everyone from this year

Tesla boss Elon Musk has already announced ambitious dates for the first drive of an autopilot Tesla across the USA without human intervention and then postponed it several times. In the late summer of 2018, he said that such a trip was now possible, but that it would be avoided because it would have to be planned in advance so that the route would not cause any problems for the system. That would be "cheating," said Musk, and he would rather wait until the autopilot can safely get from New York to Los Angeles without such tricks.

If Musk has its way, it will soon really happen: “Anyone with Tesla Full Self Driving will be able to do it,” he wrote down at the end of the week Twitter with a view to the long announced autonomous autopilot ride. Full Self Driving (FSD) is the chargeable option with which customers get all available autopilot functions activated. This currently includes journeys with independent motorway changes and calling the car to parking lots via app. According to the Tesla website, traffic light detection and automatic driving in urban areas are to be added by the end of the year.

And as Musk now announced, apparently also the ability to drive the car across the United States. He initially left it open whether this would also be possible in other countries at the same time. Either way, the announcement is a surprise. After the recent postponement, many had expected that Tesla would initially only make the autonomous long-distance journey with its own vehicles as a demonstration. But according to Musk, the system should be ready in less than eight months so that every Tesla driver with FSD can get through the USA without intervention.

However, owners of older models will first have to upgrade their hardware. In April, Tesla presented a self-developed FSD computer with higher computing power, which is a prerequisite for the new functions. Anyone who has ordered FSD earlier should receive the upgrade with the better hardware free of charge.

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