Why should we treat our children right?

dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

Caries prevention in children with our toothbrushing school in Munich

Healthy teeth for a lifetime - this is what parents want for their children. The optimal mouthguard program starts with the Care of the very first milk tooth. It is also very important to teach babies, children and adolescents how to use the toothbrush correctly in a toothbrushing school at an early age.

Even with babies, teeth care cannot be started early enough. As soon as the first milk tooth appears, it needs regular care. Some babies find it exciting when you brush their teeth with a children's toothbrush. In our toothbrushing school in Munich Bogenhausen, children between the ages of 1 and 6 learn brushing your teeth in a playful way in a small group with other children. The behavior of the health insurance company shows that the correct brushing of teeth is especially important for children. Because they subsidize our toothbrushing school in the north of Munich.

When should you start brushing your teeth?

Most children have their first milk teeth after they are 6 months old. From this point on, the milk teeth should be brushed with a children's toothpaste at least once a day. From the age of two, teeth must be brushed twice a day with a children's toothpaste. And then at the latest would be the right time to visit our toothbrushing school in Munich. In our children's dental practice in Munich North you will also receive the at your first appointment Bavarian children's pass.

Toothbrushing school and teeth cleaning

Narrow interdental spaces can often only be made with one Clean the floss holder or floss properly. Here, too, we explain the handling to your child in the toothbrushing school and our prophylaxis team is on hand to advise. Because cleaning children's teeth is best with a soft brush and a slightly tasty toothpaste. Especially when there is an increased risk of tooth decay or in adolescents with braces, regular tooth cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay. Just register for the next dental brush appointment in our children's dental practice in Munich Bogenhausen!

Frequent questions and answers

How do we teach your children how to properly brush their teeth in the toothbrushing school?

Our trained dentists and prophylactic specialists introduce your children to the subject of dentists in a playful way. It is an advantage if you visit our children's dental practice in Munich Bogenhausen after the first baby tooth, because this way your baby gets used to the dental check-ups and health awareness is promoted from an early age. Of course, risks can be recognized by the dentist already with the first milk teeth and usually treated painlessly. A toothbrushing school not only ensures that tooth decay is avoided, but also takes away the child's fear of the dentist.

What do you learn in the Kinderzahn toothbrushing school in Bogenhausen Munich?

Of course, the child learns how to deal with the dentist, gets used to the dental practice and learns that a clean tooth cannot get sick. Because the worst enemies are bacteria and food in the child's oral cavity, which cause tooth decay. We also teach your child the correct toothbrushing technique in our toothbrushing school in Munich North. Explain to your child how best to brush their teeth using the KAI method (chewing surfaces, outer surfaces of the teeth, inner surfaces of the teeth).

Do you get tips at the toothbrushing school in Munich?

Yes, our trained dentists specially trained for children will give you tips on a wide variety of problems. It is often much easier for babies to brush their teeth if you take a damp washcloth and rub the child's teeth. In many cases, this is a lot of fun for babies and toddlers and the children quickly get used to brushing their teeth. Proper dental care begins as a baby and the toothbrushing school supports the child in this.