What is the use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn: data protection in the career network

The most important things about LinkedIn and its data protection rules in brief

  • In the new Privacy Policy the use of personal data is set out.
  • Users have to weigh up whether the Share their information the benefits outweigh.
  • Some Data usages cannot be contradicted.

Data protection at LinkedIn: between visibility and privacy

More than 500 million People in over 200 countries are registered with LinkedIn. Since this is a career network on which important personal data is stored, the question of data protection is particularly urgent. What information will raised, How will you used and above all: who can do it see?

At LinkedIn, data protection is therefore important because of the personal and professional information a big issue. At least LinkedIn has when it comes to that security can already show that it can react quickly. When vulnerabilities were discovered in its messenger in mid-2017 that made it possible to send malware even though attachments are actually scanned for threats, LinkedIn solved them within a few days Security issues.

The LinkedIn privacy policy

After Takeover by Microsoft LinkedIn's privacy policy was updated in June 2017. The changes include some far-reaching enhancements in access to user data: For example, other services access the profile. In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, the activities and messages of the users analyzedto give them better suggestions.

Ultimately, each individual user has to weigh up where his priorities lie. Anyone looking for a job or working on one Networking If you are interested with others, you will certainly see many advantages in the innovations and will not require more data protection from LinkedIn. Because other services have access to the profile and can display it, their own visibility clear elevated become.

However, those who do not use the network so aggressively, but rather specifically look for companies or jobs, will have the availability of their data and profile information outside the network may not think so well and would like more data protection from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: privacy settings

All the information you provide on your profile is publicly visible, d. H. Members who log into the network and customers of the LinkedIn services can view them. This also applies to yours Activities within the service, such as:

  • Comments on posts
  • "Like" tags
  • "Follow" function

Also Group memberships are publicly visible. By default, when you share posts, it's set to be public. In the options you can limit the visibility of these posts to your contacts.

What can LinkedIn regulate in terms of data protection?

You can access the Privacy settings also specify whether you want your Contact list want to share with all of your contacts. You can also decide whether your content should be evaluated in order to help you Interest-based advertising to display. If you decline, you will continue to see advertisements - but only general ones.

There are Data usagesthat you cannot influence via the settings: The data is used for the development and provision of the services as well as for tasks such as analysis and testing Partner company and external service providers divided. If you do not agree to such use, the only option is to do so Delete account.

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LinkedIn: data protection in the career network
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