Does Aikido work


From 1.3.2019 during school times (not during holidays)

Fridays from (15:45) 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

in the Gym of the old school in Rückholz a children's training takes place.

Aikido promotes body awareness and coordination. Among other things, we regularly practice falling. Regular training also supports self-confidence.

Aikido is a "non-violent" martial art, but with sufficient training and progress it can be used for self-defense and self-protection.

Training procedure:

Together we will lay out the mats in the hall before training. Therefore, please be there 15 minutes before the start of the training.

After the welcoming ritual of the training, there are some exercises that train body-mind coordination and for which the techniques are essential. Stretching exercises are just as much a part of warming up as elementary school some movement sequences. In the further course, in addition to falling, the children also learn techniques for dealing with an attack. If it results in training, we will occasionally do short units of meditation and relaxation, because Aikido works best when our mind is at rest.

I want to make the whole thing playful and age-appropriate.

At the end we take down the mats together.

Since the techniques are not based on strength and speed, no particular level of fitness is required. A certain amount of self-discipline is required.

Comfortable sportswear (T-shirt, long trousers) is sufficient as equipment.

The group consists of a maximum of 10 children

Registration with Martin Klotz, [email protected] or 08361-4299865

I am happy to welcome you as students.

Due to the renovation work on the old school, training may be canceled during the year.

For insurance reasons, membership in TV-Nesselwang is necessary.