What are prisons used for?

Tegel correctional facility

1. Visits

From the June 8, 2020 Prisoners and inmates are allowed to receive visits.
Glass panes are installed on the visitor tables in all consulting rooms as breathing air protection devices. Visitors receive a mouth and nose protection mask from the institution.

The number of visitors is limited to one adult. This person may have a minor child (minimum age 6 years) to be accompanied. Deviations from the minimum age can be approved in individual cases, in which case the visit must be carried out in an individual visit room with a room-dividing breathing air protection screen.

2. Visits by lawyers

It is requested that client visits to the Tegel JVA be announced by telephone in the future. The scarce space resources and the existing distance rules force this procedure, for which we ask for your understanding.

If you already know the responsible branch in which your client is housed, please call the branch head office:

Subsidiary II: 90147-2200
Subsidiary V: 90147-2500
Subsidiary VI: 90147-2600
Social therapeutic institute: 90147-2400
Institution for the execution of preventive detention: 90174-2700

Otherwise, please contact the central dial-in number 90147-0.

3. Video visits

There is also the option of taking video visits in all sub-institutions. Video visits are granted upon written request from the prisoner / detainee. The institute bears the costs for the video visits.

In order to be able to receive a video visit, it is necessary that the external interlocutor has an internet connection, a device with installed SKYPE software and a set up user account and is online at the agreed time. The person you are speaking to must bear the costs for your own facility.

A video visit takes 20-30 minutes. They are carried out in a single speaking room. This is equipped with a screen, a web camera, a microphone and loudspeakers. The sub-institutions independently determine the days and times in which the video visits can be carried out.

The connection to the external interlocutor is established by a member of staff. During the video visit, the image that the prisoners see is also observed in the supervision. The sound is not transmitted.

The visitor (s) may send text messages, emojis, etc. during the video visit (prisoners, however, cannot reply due to the lack of a keyboard).

The connection is immediately interrupted if the security or order of the institution is endangered. Sexual acts during the video visit are particularly undesirable in this context.


By establishing a connection using SKYPE, data from both prisoners and the person you are speaking to are transmitted over the Internet. JVA Tegel does not save this data separately. Video calls using SKYPE are made via an external provider; Tegel JVA cannot therefore rule out the possibility of unknown third parties following the telecommunications.


Your interlocutors are not allowed to call up the Skype address of the Tegel JVA. The connection is always established by Tegel JVA. Otherwise, video visits by other inmates may be disrupted.

4. Automatic machine train

Furthermore, earmarked payments by third parties to maintain social relationships are permitted. The deposits may be used to buy food and beverages.

In detail, the following applies: Prisoners may receive an earmarked payment of up to 30 euros per month.
Those accommodated are allowed to receive an earmarked payment of up to 40 euros per month.