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There are tons of beauty tools for home use - and I honestly have to admit that I'm not a really big fan. After the first euphoria, cleaning, storage and handling usually start to annoy me very quickly and the tool disappears after only a short time in the depths of my beauty archive. Out of sight, out of mind For almost three months now, there has been a tool that I not only use every day, but also actually performs and that is exactly what I would like to introduce you to today.

Clear the stage for the high-frequency staff!

The high-frequency rod: what is it actually?

The technology is not new. The high frequency has been used in dermatological cosmetics for decades, for example to combat acne or couperose or to stimulate the metabolism. I myself had the pleasure of being treated with this tool during numerous treatments, but it never occurred to me that it could also be used at home. Fortunately, Nathalie Plattl, with whom I lay on the couch almost every week during my microdermabrasion treatment, not only convinced me of its effectiveness in several sessions, but also immediately pointed out the tried and tested technology that has been available for home use for years . So off to Amazon, ordered the tool and off for it.

The mode of action behind the tool is quickly explained, but not necessarily easy to understand - I still want to do my best to explain it to you: The high-frequency wand consists of a handpiece (slightly larger than an electric toothbrush) and various glass applicators, the so-called electrodes, which are placed on the handpiece and conduct the current. If you now touch the skin of the face with one of the electrodes, a spark discharge occurs, which turns the oxygen on the skin into ozone-oxygen. You can see it (mini flashes), feel it (depending on the intensity, it tickles a little to a little more) and smell it (in fact, ozone smells different than normal oxygen). The ozone destroys bacteria on the skin, stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism, stabilizes the protective acid mantle of the skin and has a disinfectant effect down to the deep layers of the skin.

High-frequency rod from STOGA, around 29 €

The high frequency wand: this is how it is used

So now that we have clarified the basics, let's move on to the handling. I use the high-frequency wand once a day, preferably in the evening, after thoroughly cleansing my face. To do this, you can either moisten the skin a little, then the stick glides better, or use it on dry skin (that's how I do it). I first stroke one of the more extensive electrodes over the entire face for about two minutes and pause a little longer in the areas where I have impurities or are usually prone to impurities. Then I put a smaller electrode on the handpiece and specifically treat pimples, pimple scars or deep-seated inflammations. I press the electrode on the affected area for several seconds and then lift it up again and again so that I increase skin contact and get more spark discharge.

In the beginning, I always used the device at a very low intensity, as you have to get used to these mini power surges first. In the meantime, however, I like to give a little more material and it still doesn't really hurt. After about five minutes, I'll be through with the treatment and continue with my usual skincare routine. Incidentally, after the treatment with the high-frequency wand, the skin is much more receptive, so that serums, masks or creams can develop their effect particularly well.

The high frequency rod: what can it really do?

As already mentioned at the beginning, I'm generally not that big a fan of beauty tools, I quickly lose interest and find it difficult to incorporate them into my routine. The high frequency rod is the absolute exception here. And why? Because it actually works. Since my PoD, I have tried not to treat my skin with too many and aggressive products and instead to support it in its natural function. The high-frequency wand is ideal here, as it does not exert any stress on the skin and, unlike peelings & Co., does not attack the skin's own protective barrier.

Where pimples and blemishes usually sprout at regular intervals, there has been a lot more calm for some time and even if there is an inflammation somewhere, I can get it under control much faster and less aggressively with the high-frequency wand. The disinfecting effect is really noticeable and the healing process is much faster than I am used to. In addition, the tool gives me the feeling of giving my skin what I normally only get as part of an expensive treatment at the beautician and with five minutes the time required is really more than okay.

But I can imagine that one or the other of you will have concerns about the electricity - but let me take away a few fears from you here. There is no pain and you quickly get used to the slight tingling. Because you can regulate the intensity yourself, it is also particularly easy to approach and over time you will no longer notice the spark discharge. By the way, the tool is suitable for everyone, except people with pacemakers or hearing aids, but I think that somehow goes without saying.

The high frequency rod: My conclusion

I don't want to miss this tool in my routine anymore and I have to honestly say that I've never had a beauty tool for home use that has convinced me so lastingly. My friend makes fun of the electricity noises that come from the bathroom every evening, and handling has become part of my life by now. Since the technology is so proven and technically not necessarily complicated, the price is also a real plus. My model is available here on Amazon and costs less than € 30.

An absolute heart recommendation!

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