What are Robin Williams' best roles

Robin Williams's best films

Robin Williams was apparently a sad person, but he made us laugh more than once. We will always remember his performances because he was a great actor. You liked his tragicomic roles best. The films in which he was allowed to play psychopathic characters are also very popular with you. It was precisely in these roles that Robin Williams tried to make an image change from comedic family film to serious drama. He succeeded because critics praised him for his portrayals.

7th place: Garp and how he saw the world
68,8091 community rating based on 550 reviews

With Garp and How He Saw the World, a John Irving book found its way onto the screen. Not all book connoisseurs were enthusiastic about the film, but Robin Williams had nothing to do with it. He skilfully met the template with his portrayal and showed us what he was made of as early as 1982.

6th place: Insomnia - insomnia
70.3629 community rating out of 6035 reviews

The thriller Insomnia was unusual in Robin Williams' filmography because he consciously decided against his type of role. He gives a villain who won't let Al Pacino sleep.

5th place: Good Morning, Vietnam
71.3939 community-valuation based on 5237 reviews

In Good Morning, Vietnam, Robin Williams becomes a subversive radio presenter by dealing with the turmoil of the Vietnam War with humor. The film captivates with its criticism of the injustices of the war and the leading actor proves that he can really entertain the masses.

4th place: The Dead Poets Club
75.5548 community-rating from 15636 reviews

As a new teacher, Robin Williams confuses everyday life at the elite school in The Dead Poets Club with unorthodox teaching methods. Unfortunately, this experiment does not have a positive outcome in history, but the film is an experience for the viewer and offers one of the most charismatic teachers in film history.

3rd place: King of the fishermen
75,5651 community-rating based on 2867 reviews

Parry lost his wife and wits in a tragedy. Since then he has been searching for the holy grail in King of the Fishermen. In the middle of Manhattan. Driven by guilt, Jack (Jeff Bridges) plunges into Parry's world. Comedy is about friendship and love. In this modern fairy tale, the two main characters are simply worth seeing.

2nd place: time of awakening
76,5333 community-rating out of 2025 reviews

Teachers, doctors, mentors: Robin Williams was convincing in these roles, including in Time of Awakening, which presses something on the lacrimal gland, but contrasts two brilliant actors. Robert De Niro is represented here by Robin Williams alias Dr. Malcolm Sayer brought out of a coma.

1st place: Good Will Hunting
76.8445 community-rating out of 26596 reviews

The evolutionary novel Good Will Hunting is most in your favor. Robin Williams' performance is serious and haunting, among other things he was rewarded with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. It was his only one along with three other nominations.

In which movie did you like Robin Williams the most?