How did Ed Sheeran get so popular

Ed Sheeran: Nobody is as popular as he is

2014 is likely to go down in history for Ed Sheeran as the most successful career highlight to date. After all, the likeable Brit climbed to number one in Germany as well as in the USA and Great Britain with his second album "X", taking the three most important music markets in the world by storm. But that's not all: Ed Sheeran now has another reason to be happy.

At the moment, Ed Sheeran is hardly able to get out of the partying: After all, the redhead was not only allowed to accompany the "Victoria's Secret" fashion show with music on Tuesday evening - the streaming service Spotify also has a special surprise in store for the 23-year-old: No other artist's music has been accessed as frequently within the company's offering as Ed Sheeran's. This makes the whiz kid the most popular artist of the year for Spotify users.

The numbers that made Ed Sheeran the most frequently streamed artist of the year are extremely impressive: Spotify users have wanted to hear the heartbeat's songs a total of 860 million times. The new album "X" alone was accessed 430 million times, which also made the record the most successful album of the year on Spotify. "It's a big deal to stand in front of so many breathtaking artists who I suspected would be streamed more often than I did," Ed Sheeran said in an official statement made by the British newspaper The Guardian, among others.

Ed Sheeran sends Eminem and Coldplay to their places

At the top of the Spotify hit list, Ed Sheeran is in illustrious company. Hip-hop legend Eminem and the rockers from Coldplay, among others, bit their teeth at the shooting star and only ended up in second and third place. Katy Perry was also very successful: the pop queen ousted Rihanna and ended up as the best woman in position 5. However, Ed Sheeran could not claim a title for himself. The most frequently streamed song was not written by him. With his mega hit "Happy" Pharrell Williams alone collected 260 million clicks - and delivered the most successful song of the year on Spotify.

Ed Sheeran can certainly get over this small flaw. After all, the title of the most streamed song on Pharrell Williams goes to a good friend. After this successful year, Ed Sheeran definitely deserves a little rest over the Christmas holidays.

Image source: © Getty Images / Anthony Harvey