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Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Easter, is the day of fulfillment and fullness. The Easter festive season comes to an end with Pentecost. Sundays and years after are the time of the Church, the time of the Holy Spirit, the time of growth and probation.

Opening verse 1, 5–6

Christ loves us
and has delivered us from our sins by his blood;
he has given us the dignity of kings
and made us priests
for service before his God and Father. Alleluia.

Glory to God

Daily prayer

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
in the new covenant
if you call your people from all peoples
and bring it together in the Holy Spirit.
Let your church remain faithful to its mission,
that it is a leaven for mankind,
that you renew in Christ
and want to remodel to your family.
We ask through him
the one in the unity of the Holy Spirit
live with you and rule for all eternity.

Wherever Jesus' disciples went, they preached the message of Jesus, the crucified and risen Messiah. In Samaria it was Philip who preached the gospel. Great joy is noted as the effect of this mission (8,8). The apostles Peter and John come from Jerusalem to “firm”: to call down the Holy Spirit on the new converts and to consolidate the unity of the disciples' community.

First readingApg 8, 1bc.4.14–17

Peter and John laid hands on them

from the Acts of the Apostles.

1bc in those days
broke a severe pursuit
over the church in Jerusalem.
All were scattered in the regions of Judea and Samaria,
except for the apostles.
4The believers who were scattered
went about preaching the word.
14When the apostles in Jerusalem heard,
that Samaria had accepted the word of God,
they sent Peter and John there.
15They went down
and prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit.
16For he had not yet come down on any of them;
they were only baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.
17Then they laid hands on them
and they received the Holy Spirit.


First reading Ez 37, 1-14

You dried up bones, I myself bring spirit into you, then you will come to life

Psalm 22 (21), 23–24.26–27.28 and 31b – 32 (Kv: cf. 23a)

Kv Your name, Lord, I will proclaim. - KvGL 616, 3rd
Kv Hallelujah. - Kv

I will proclaim your name, Lord, to my brothers, *
praise you in the midst of the meeting.
24You who fear the Lord, praise him; /
all of you descendants of Jacob, exalt him; *
shudder at him, all you descendants of Israel! - (Kv)
26From you come my praise in a great gathering, *
I keep my vows before those who fear God.
27The poor shall eat and be satisfied; /
Let those who seek him praise the Lord. *
Your heart should revive forever. - (Kv)
28 Let all the ends of the earth remember this
and turn to the Lord: *
All the tribes of the nations shall prostrate themselves before you.
31bThe Lord will be told of the generation that is to come. /
32 His salvation is proclaimed to a people who are still to be born: *
Yes he did. - Kv

The mystery of God has become revealed to us through Christ: God wants to lead all people through Jesus Christ to the knowledge of the truth. It is the Spirit of Christ who "seals" us, as it were, through faith and baptism, so that we become God's special property. In the baptized, the spirit is the power of love and the light of hope to participate in the life of God.

Second Reading Eph 1: 3a.4a.13-19a

You received the seal of the promised Holy Spirit

from the letter of the apostle Paul
to the church in Éphesus.

3a Praise be to God
the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
4aIn him he chose us before the foundation of the world.
13You also heard the word of truth in him,
the gospel of your salvation;
in him you have the seal
received the promised Holy Spirit,
when you came to believe.
14The Spirit is the first part of our inheritance towards salvation,
through which you become God's property,
in praise of his glory.
15Therefore I do not cease to thank you for
when I think of you in my prayers;
for I have of your faith in the Lord Jesus,
and heard of your love for all saints.
17The God of Jesus Christ our Lord
the father of glory,
give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation,
so that you can recognize him.
18He illuminate the eyes of your heart,
so that you understand
to what hope you are called through him,
what wealth
gives the glory of his inheritance to the saints
19aand how overwhelmingly large
His power is shown in us, the believers.

Sequence, p. 330 f.

Call to the Gospel

About the verse Come on, Holy Spirit ... everyone kneel.

Alleluia. Alleluia.
Come Holy Spirit
fill the hearts of your believers
and kindle the fire of your love in them!

Jesus opens the way to the Father for us. He knows him like no one else; the fullness of God dwells in him, the glow of the spirit shines in him. He wants to reveal the love of the Father to everyone, and yet there is a limit: people themselves can close themselves to the truth. Every person who accepts the gift of God is a reason for Jesus to thank God.

Gospel Luke 10: 21-24

Blessed are they who see what you see and hear what you hear

From the holy gospel according to Luke.

21 At that hour Jesus called, filled with the Holy Spirit,
with joy from:
I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
because you hid it from the wise and clever
and revealed it to minors.
Yes, father, you liked it that way.
22Everything has been given to me from my Father;
nobody recognizes who the son is
only the father
and nobody knows who the father is
just the son
and the one to whom the son will reveal it.
23Jesus turned to the disciples
and said to them alone:
Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.
24For I say to you:
Many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see
and didn't see it
and wanted to hear what you hear
and didn't hear it.


When we celebrate the Eucharist, we join in the praise and thanksgiving that Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, intoned. We thank the Father that we are allowed to learn something of the mystery of God and that the way to God was opened for us through Jesus Christ.

Gift prayer

God our father
accept our gifts
in which the sacrifice of your son
becomes present.
From his side wound
the Church emerged
as the work of the Holy Spirit.
Never let them forget their origin
but from it in this celebration
Create salvation and life.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Sunday preparation VIII

Communion verse John 16, 13

When the spirit of truth comes
he will introduce you to the full truth. Alleluia.

Closing prayer

Lord you have strengthened us
through the sacrament of your Son.
Make the work of your church fruitful
and through them reveal to the poor
the secret of our redemption;
because you have called the poor above all to
To share in your kingdom.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Good God,
keep the people of the redeemed
your love and loyalty.
Your son's suffering saved us
his spirit that emanates from you,
lead us the right way.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Whoever lets in a single word of the Lord and allows him to have an effect in his existence knows more about the Gospel than someone whose whole effort stops at abstract contemplation or historical research. The gospel is not suitable for people searching for new ideas. It is there for disciples who want to obey it. (Madeleine Delbrêl)