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101 Crazy Bucket List Ideas You Must Have Made Once

Your bucket list is sure to have big goals like running a marathon, visiting all of Europe's capitals or learning Spanish fluently. There are also points on my list that I call life goals.

Big bucket list destinations like these are great, but they also take a while, if not decades, to check off some of these points. I have noticed for myself: When you focus on these goals in life, it goes under that every day has the potential to stand out from everyday life.

Life is great and is full of new possibilities and opportunities every day.

So: Dare to do something.

Look right and left. Don't just do what you've always done. Try something new that costs you courage and sounds like a completely crazy idea.

Of course, what we call crazy or what we actually want to experience is a highly individual matter. For inspiration, check out 101 Crazy Bucket List Ideas here.

You might want to start with one of the following:

  1. Dive in a cage with sharks
  2. Take a bungee jump
  3. Jump off a cliff
  4. Climb a volcano
  5. Bury a time capsule
  6. Sail around the world
  7. Zorbing
  8. Climb an iceberg
  9. Take a tap dance class
  10. Walk over hot coals
  11. Riding a bull
  12. Write a fan letter to an author who has inspired you
  13. Take photos in a photo booth
  14. Take part in a mammoth march
  15. Dive in a submarine
  16. Learn a card trick
  17. Smash a piñata
  18. Swimming naked in a lake
  19. Have a street artist draw a portrait
  20. Spend a night in jail
  21. House running

  22. Chop down a tree with an ax
  23. Sing a song in a karaoke bar
  24. Dive to a shipwreck
  25. Jump in ice water
  26. Riding a camel
  27. Getting a tattoo
  28. Driving in a racing car
  29. Drive through Italy on a Vespa
  30. Take part in a radio show
  31. Write a message in a bottle
  32. Eat insects
  33. Create a 5000 piece puzzle
  34. To make a meaningful toast to someone
  35. Teaching swear words to a parrot
  36. Make a phone prank
  37. Want a song on the radio
  38. Tip 100 €
  39. Be an extra in a movie
  40. Fly in a hot air balloon
  41. Experience weightlessness
  42. Hold a tarantula on your hand
  43. Jump into a fountain on a hot day
  44. Spend a night in the forest
  45. Participate in a flash mob
  46. Color the hair pink, blue or green
  47. Do a striptease
  48. Take a survival course
  49. Playing the didgeridoo
  50. Abseil from a house
  51. Milking a goat
  52. Eat a self-caught fish

  53. Join a secret club
  54. Pick up trash in one place in your city
  55. Be hypnotized
  56. Get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records
  57. Take a yodel course
  58. Start a food fight
  59. Couchsurfing
  60. Be a couchsurfing host
  61. Record a CD with a song
  62. Stand on the international date line
  63. Build an igloo and sleep in it
  64. Take part in a speed dating
  65. Go downtown with a “Free Hugs” sign
  66. Ride a bike through Germany
  67. Have a snake around your neck
  68. Stand at the DJ booth for one night
  69. Asking a star for an autograph
  70. Bet € 100 on red in the casino
  71. Take part in a dining competition
  72. Acting in a play
  73. Drive to the airport and take a random flight
  74. Say yes to everything for one day
  75. Hug a stranger in the street
  76. Take a shower under a waterfall
  77. Go to the horse race

  78. Crowdsurfing
  79. Ride a Harley Davidson
  80. Kiss a frog
  81. Make it on the front page of the local paper
  82. Host a Tupperware party
  83. Eat kangaroo meat
  84. Attend a nudist event
  85. Take part in a zombie walk
  86. Eat in a dark restaurant
  87. Name a star
  88. Play bingo and shout bingo loudly
  89. Take part in a tomato battle
  90. Leave a handprint in damp cement
  91. Go to the cinema alone
  92. Climb the 16 highest mountains of all federal states
  93. Drawing a mustache on a sleeping person
  94. See a sumo fight
  95. Sleep in an ice hotel
  96. Sleep on the beach
  97. Go to an indoor trampoline park
  98. Surfing down a sand dune
  99. Escape an escape room
  100. Learn to make a fire
  101. Defeat one of your fears

How about you Do you also have crazy ideas on your bucket list? Which ideas are missing from the list? Feel free to write me your ideas in the comments and I will then complete the list. What crazy life ideas do you have?

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