What should i prefer yoga or meditation

Course series: gentle yoga and meditation (with health insurance subsidy)

Leaving the often noisy, hectic and active everyday life is not always easy. We have to consciously take time for relaxation and rest, come to rest and learn to let go again. That's why we offer you this course.

The course is a way to reduce stress, calm down and relieve discomfort. Hours that reconnect you with your strength and support you to shape your life more confidently and contentedly, to feel more flexible, physically and mentally.

You will learn to be aware of your breath, gentle yoga exercises (asanas) with deep effects and simple, effective techniques and methods of meditation. In the asanas and meditation techniques, we focus on our breath and body awareness.

Meditation is the most original, oldest method and is the best scientifically proven method of yoga. The beneficial physical and breathing exercises were added later.

Through meditation and breathing work you will learn to enjoy the sound of silence and to experience clarity, to calm the mind, to reduce fears and to develop a feeling of well-being. Meditation calms your nervous system, cares for the cells in you, strengthens your immune system and also helps preventively reducing stress sensors.

The gentle yoga asanas release fascial tension and improve body awareness and the mobility of the joints, which has a positive influence on the blood and lymph flow as well as the immune system. The body comes to rest and the cardiovascular system is shut down, stress is reduced. Simple asanas and meditation techniques are taught that you can also practice at home. It's about listening to the body and feeling what is good for it. This opens up completely new possibilities.

You will feel more alive and healthier and you will perceive yourself more consciously.

The course is aimed at everyone, regardless of whether they are new to yoga or yogis with experience who prefer gentle yoga. As a yoga and meditation beginner, you will get a good foundation for your own practice. With yoga and meditation experience you will refresh your knowledge, consolidate a practice and supplement it with new impulses.

In the event of an acute illness, speak to me beforehand. People with a cancer diagnosis and treatment can participate a short time after an operation or with a port.

Advantage of this course: As a closed course, it is possible to build up the lessons step by step, consolidating what has been learned.

YogaHeimat, Mönchengladbach
in planning autumn 2021, Sunday,
| 10: 00-11: 15 a.m.

Cost: 140 euros
Location: Yogaheimat, Daunerstraße 6, 41236 Mönchengladbach

The course is certified by the Central Prevention Unit (ZPP) and is provided by the statutory health insurance companies
Subsidies for primary prevention in accordance with Section 20 (1) SGB V of up to 100%. And the private health insurance companies also subsidize the courses up to 100% in some cases. After successful participation by At least 80% of the time you will receive a certificate of attendance that you can submit to your health insurance company. As a rule, the reimbursement takes place after 1-2 weeks in different amounts depending on the health insurance company. The funding amount varies from € 75 to 100% of the costs.