What does shadow shape mean

Shadow figure, what is that?

Yesterday I went to his house with a friend. As we went into the stairwell and turned on the light, I saw a black figure sitting on the stairs. It looked like a male person, but I'm not sure because I only recognized the outline - a black silhouette. I looked directly at the figure and it moved too - it lifted its head and looked kind of surprised that we just burst in. I didn't recognize any direct emotions or facial features, but it still worked that way. The friend of mine just walked past me and walked through the being - as if it wasn't there at all. When he blocked my field of vision and went up the stairs, the being suddenly disappeared. The whole thing scared me a bit, but I thought that I was just imagining it, because it seemed as if I was the only one seeing it. Today I saw exactly the same being at work. It was behind a partition and when I looked directly at it it was hiding. I even got up and looked to see if there was anything behind the partition, but there was nothing. I then did some research and came across the subject of "shadow people". To be more precise, I was most interested in the "fleeing shadow man" (shadow people distinguish between several beings), because he is the only one that is not transparent - at least if you can believe the Internet. I'm not directly afraid of the figure, it doesn't make a bad impression and is supposed to be harmless.

My question is: was that a shadow person? Is it "normal" to see them? What do you all mean? Can you get in touch with this being?

Briefly about myself: I am male, 20 years old and until about a year ago I had an atheistic attitude. Through new acquaintances I started to deal with topics like spirituality, esotericism, the supernatural, etc. I wasn't on drugs at the time and I am 100% convinced that I wasn't imagining it. I have often seen such shadows in the corner of my eye, but yesterday and today I was able to observe the creature directly.

<< Edit: Die Bilder sind nicht von mir, die sollen den Schatten nur visualisieren >>