Why are you learning Ukrainian language

Learn Ukrainian with our language course

What makes our Ukrainian language course so special?

  • After approx. three months learned basic Ukrainian vocabulary. You then already have knowledge according to Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.
  • You only need to study about 15-20 minutes a day.
  • The intelligent learning software gives you every day a daily task in front. This is how you learn as efficiently as possible.
  • Without installation, you will learn in a particularly user-friendly manner. The language course is even for laypeople easy to use.
  • Learning methods that are precisely tailored to your learner type. So learning fun is guaranteed.

The learning methods:

The unique Long-term memory learning method enables you to learn a new language very comfortably in a very short time. You can be fluent in conversation after just a few weeks.

You get varied daily tasks and a wide range of learning methods that will motivate you to keep learning every day.

With the help of the Sprachenlernen24 insider learning community, you can exchange with like-minded people and make friends with other learners.

The content of the language course:

  • With the basic Ukrainian course you will find one for yourself Basic vocabulary consisting of over 1,300 words at.
  • thanks to the Dialogue texts and many idioms the words are brought into a thematic context. This is how you learn the words correctly and in the Connection with whole sentences.
  • All texts and vocabulary are spoken by native speakers so that you can get the authentic and actually spoken language learn.
  • You get a complete knowledge of the language, as some grammar is learned for each exercise.

Your advantages once you have learned the basic course:

To travel:

  • Broaden your horizons by traveling around Ukraine, understanding all the people there and being fluent in communicating with the locals.

At work:

  • Better career and advancement opportunities thanks to fluent and business fluent Ukrainian.
  • Thanks to your language skills, you can work in Ukraine at any time - either now or later.

In leisure time:

  • Watch movies and TV shows in Ukrainian.
  • Read books in Ukrainian.

In relationships:

  • Meet new people. Flirt in Ukrainian and meet someone for life.
  • Do you live in a bilingual relationship? Then you will have better communication with your partner with perfect Ukrainian.

Stay fit in your head:

  • Your higher level of education increases your quality of life and your life expectancy.
  • According to studies, language learners have less dementia and Alzheimer's disease as they age.

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