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Parking: New rules, old penalties

Where can you park for how long? Is it allowed to hold in the second row? And how expensive is illegal parking? The club lawyers explain which rules and penalties apply now.

  • Wrong parking is expected to become more expensive this year

  • New rules to better protect cyclists

  • Illegal parking threatens points in Flensburg

Amendment to the Ordinance on the Catalog of Fines

The federal states and the Federal Ministry of Transport have agreed on an amendment to the Ordinance on the Catalog of Fines. Fines higher should come this year.

Can you stop in the second row?

No. If you stop or park illegally, there is a risk of a fine.
Exceptionally, however, TaxisIf the traffic situation permits, stop in the second row and, according to the Road Traffic Act (StVO), also park to allow passengers to get on or off. Permission includes that Loading or unloading luggage, the accounting and also the short, possibly longer than three minutes waiting for passengers. If you stop illegally in the second row, you are currently facing a fine of 15 euros, for parking 20 euros.

How should the parking disc be set correctly?

You have to Parking disc pointer set to the next full or the next half hour of the arrival time. For example, if the car is parked at 9:05 a.m., the parking disc should be set to 9:30 a.m. Only then will you have the full parking time available.

If this time has expired and you exceed the allowed maximum parking time, threatens a fine of 10 euros. From an overdraft of 30 minutes, the amount increases to 15 euros and from 3 hours to 30 euros

Everything to do with parking discs

What does it cost to exceed the maximum parking time?

Is parking allowed on the sidewalk?

Stopping and parking on sidewalks is forbidden in principleunless expressly permitted by traffic signs or parking area markings. This also applies to very wide sidewalks. Likewise, parking a motor vehicle with only two wheels on the sidewalk, regardless of how much space is left for pedestrians, is generally prohibited. If you still park inappropriately on sidewalks and bike paths, fines will be payable. Basically, you pay 10 euros for illegal holding and 20 euros for parking. Here you can see some examples of the planned new fineswhich should come into force this year:

Parking space: does the flowing traffic have to stop?

If you are out of a parking space from the edge of the lane onto the Drive the lane or want to start off on the road, then he has flowing traffic priority. You must also behave in such a way that you not endanger anyone. If necessary, you will need to be instructed. If you want to leave the parking space with your car, then you have to in time other announce clearly for example by blinking. If you drive off the edge of the road and endanger others, you are threatened 30 euros warning fee.

Parking in front of your own lowered property driveway?

The pure legal wording prohibits parking in front of property entrances and exits. However, since it is a Protection law in favor of the entitled person acts, you and your visitors are allowed in front of your Park the entrance and exit.

Something other applies in the event that the property has a lowered Curb can be reached. The lowering is used to make it easier for wheelchair users or people with prams, for example, to get up and down. A. exception for property owners exists here Need. Be used for parking in front of a curb 10 Euro due.

Parking next to a property entrance - what distance applies?

Parking in front of property entrances is not permitted. The purpose of the no parking is that Entry and exit to protect the property from obstruction by parked vehicles. As a rule, it is sufficient to have a roadway the width of one normal gate entrance (about a width of 3 meters) to keep clear. This also applies to an entry and exit of 6 meters. in the Individual case can however a lot more Free space than just the width of a normal gate entrance may be required. However, road users must be able to recognize if a longer section of the roadway needs to be kept clear due to special local conditions or the type of access traffic to be expected.

What does "workdays" mean under a no-parking sign?

The Additional sign "weekdays" can be found under both the absolute no-stopping ban (sign 283) and the restricted no-stopping ban (sign 286). The working days in the sense of the additional label also include the Saturday, because the working day is in contrast to Sunday and public holiday.

Can I park on a curve?

If you park in the area of ​​a narrow or blind spot on the road or in the area of ​​a sharp bend, you pay 15 euro. If someone is additionally handicapped by this, or if you park for more than 1 hour, you will be charged a fine of 25 euros due. 60 euros fine and 1 point it is even if an ambulance has been hindered during operation by parking.

Where should the parking permit be displayed?

In order for special authorizations to be checked on the vehicle, the official parking permit must be in or on the vehicle legible from the outside be attached. The law does not specify an exact location. In any case, the parking ticket is not "legible" if it is first necessary to search the vehicle. Otherwise you risk a fine of 10 bis 30 euros. We therefore recommend that you have your parking permit behind the Lay out windshield or side window. Laying it out on the parcel shelf is also considered sufficient according to case law. The same applies to the display of a parking ticket.

Parking ticket machine defective - what now?

If the parking ticket machine does not work, a Parking disc be used. Important: Even then, you can only park for the specified maximum time. More about the electronic parking disc

Is parking allowed on the left side of the lane?

According to the road traffic regulations is on right Parking at the edge of the lane. The so-called Left parkingso parking against the driving direction, is only in exceptions allowed and otherwise constitutes an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine of 10 to 30 euros. Only in One way streets and at right Edge of the road Tram rails there is a legal exception to the ban on left-hand parking.

Another exception developed by case law exists for traffic-calmed areas - also like "Play street"called. As there can only be driven at walking speed and pedestrians have priority, according to a ruling by the Cologne Higher Regional Court, this is a special legal area and not a lane as defined by the StVO. It is therefore not an administrative offense to park against the direction of travel in these areas within the marked parking areas.

Is parking in turning hammers permitted?

In principle, parking in turning hammers is legal not forbidden. However, a stopping ban can be imposed by a corresponding Signage to be ordered. However, parking is also prohibited without stopping signs if it actually leads to obstruction.

What is the distance when parking behind intersections?

When parking in front of and behind intersections and junctions, you must keep a distance of up to each 5 meters from the intersections.

So far in the direction of travel right next to the road Structurally laid out bike path is, the distance must 8 meters be. This is intended to improve the visual relationships between turning and cyclists.

They are decisive Intersections the edges of the road. If the edges of the road meet at right angles, measure 5 or 8 meters in each direction from the corner. The edge of the road is lengthened by temporary facilities such as a site fence.

At rounded Corners determine the point of intersection of the road edges by lengthening the edges at their last straight places and creating an - imaginary - point of intersection.

The prohibition also applies to Junctions of streetswhere little or no traffic is to be expected (e.g. due to a blockade), or one-way streets. The parking ban applies to the right-hand side of the lane, and in one-way streets also the left. Parking across from road junctions is not affected.

Can you stand on protective lanes for cyclists and cycle lanes?

Up and to the left of Bicycle protection lanes and cycle lanes Stopping and parking is generally prohibited. If there are parking bays or if parking spaces are otherwise marked and parking is not prohibited by traffic signs, parking is permitted to the right of them.

In addition, so-called Dooring strips not be parked. This refers to marked safety stripes between the bike path and the parking lot, which are intended to protect cyclists and exiting motorists from a collision. Anyone ineligible on a Protective strip for cycling, currently pays 20 euros.

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