What are the reasons some women play games?

7 reasons why he won't get in touch with you after the date

When it comes to love and dating, men can be just as complicated as the saying goes after us women. Whether with the veiled messages behind their compliments, or the uncertainty whether he could imagine a future together with you - not uncommon drive us men crazy with their cryptic behavior. One game that undoubtedly falls into this category is called "hard to get", or when guys just don't get in touch after a date. Because although the evening went great, you had a lot of fun and he showered you with compliments, the next day there was an iron silence on his part. To go crazy!So why do so many men make themselves scarce in love? We have summarized the most common reasons for you here ...

That's why men play "hard to get"

1. He's shy

But it can also be that he's just extremely shy and insecure. Especially if he likes you and you've shown interest in him, that can throw shy guys off track. As soon as you get to know each other, however, he will hopefully put off his shyness. If his behavior, i.e. not reporting, does not change after a while, there is probably something else behind it.

2. He is sure of his cause

The complete opposite of shy guys? Machos! And they are only too happy to make themselves scarce in the dating game. Because when you've made it clear that you're interested in him, it can go to the head of some guys. you then like to play their position of power and think you'd have fallen for them anyway. Well, if he wasn't too sure about that ...

3. He's also dating another

A reason that is uncomfortable, but unfortunately often true: besides you, he is also dating someone else. It happens more often than you think that guys drive "two-pronged". You want to be happy keep all options open and don't decide on one from the start. At the latest, when things get more serious between you, he should tell you if he is also meeting someone else. But if he does not answer very well, it may be that there is something more serious about the other person.

4. He doesn't want a relationship

The fact that he does not answer, or only rarely, can also be due to the fact that he doesn't want a relationship with you and therefore keeps you at a distance. Even if you get along great, he just doesn't see you as a friend. But: If he really just wants to be friends with you, he should tell you that too. After all, friendships are based on truth and trust.

5. He has no time

"No time, no time" - when he writes that, it sometimes just means that he really has no time. Whether with the deadline from university, overtime at work or private problems - each of us has had times when it felt like everything happened at once. So if he's seriously busy, try to be lenient. If he is interested in you, sooner or later he will shovel time for you.

6. He's not into you

Another reason that is anything but nice, but unfortunately sometimes true. Because if he doesn't get in touch with you, that could be a sign that He's not interested in you and just isn't into you. "Ghosting" could also be called the whole thing. Nevertheless, you deserve at least a clear answer and a line.

7. He thinks it works

This reason is for all the guys who've seen too many dating shows and read How To Get Her Around Books. Because there are guys who are actually convinced that the scam works and then you are completely addicted to it. However, if you have to resort to such psychological games, you should maybe rethink his dating skills. Driving someone crazy and being madly in love are simply two different pairs of shoes.

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