What is the best projector under 200

The best affordable projectors for home cinema

Thomas Joos

The projector for at home can be a home cinema experience or a TV replacement at the same time. And doesn't even have to cost a lot. We present projectors that have the right price-performance ratio.

EnlargePortable projectors turn any surface into a screen

The times when projectors were used in companies for presentation purposes are long gone. In addition to a good hi-fi system, a projector for private users is almost part of the basic equipment when it comes to setting up a home cinema in your own four walls.

But anyone who has looked around for a suitable device knows: When it comes to price, there are no upper limits. Luxury models can cost several thousand euros - which can reduce the joy of a device considerably.

Good quality, low price

But there is no need to spend that much money. We started looking for projector models in the low-price segment that can keep up with much more expensive competing products. Here are some of the products that have convinced us.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Lenovo has come up with something special with the Yoga Tab 3 Pro. The tablet has a built-in projector - and can therefore easily be converted into a home theater.

The fact that the tablet has Android as the operating system and internet access also has clear advantages for the projector mode: Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix can be controlled directly via the device via an app, so that you do not need additional cables.

EnlargeLenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro: tablet and projector in one

As a tablet, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro is also very portable at around 700 grams - an advantage that should not be underestimated if you cannot decide whether the home entertainment system should be used in the living room or, better, in the bedroom. And with a screen diagonal of around 180 cm, every room wall or ceiling becomes a projection surface - although this is not a cinema screen, it is still sufficient.

With 50 lumens of light output, the tablet is somewhat inferior to more expensive models - according to user reports, it still provides an astonishingly good cinema experience in slightly darkened rooms. In addition, at a price of around 200 euros, you can overlook small deductions in light intensity.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro ➤ view on Amazon ➤ view in the PC-WELT price comparison

Tip: If you like the idea of ​​being able to spontaneously use a handheld device as a projector, you might also be interested in the Moto Z smartphone from the Lenovo subsidiary. The device can be used for a variety of purposes with various mobile phone cases, the Moto Mods - including as a mini projector.

Despite its small size, this projector version can also come up with a screen diagonal of around 180 cm. Since an additional battery is built into the mod case, the battery of the smartphone is conserved.

The case is not cheap at around 300 euros - but anyone who already owns a Moto Z can have fun with this extension.

Epson EB-U04 3LCD

Do you already have a tablet and want a real projector for your home theater? Then we can recommend the EB-U04 3LCD from Epson. Even if the manufacturer is better known for printers: With this device, the company has created a powerful and inexpensive projector.

The device measures just 29.7 x 7.7 x 24.4 cm (W x H x D) and weighs 2.6 kilograms - making the Epson projector definitely portable. The maximum image area that it can radiate is all the more astonishing: the device has a screen size of 300 inches or 7.62 meters.

EnlargeEpson EB-U04 3LCD: Small device, astonishingly large screen size

With a white and color brightness of 3,000 lumens, the projector ensures strong colors, even in daylight - so you don't have to do without your favorite team's football match on the next barbecue evening in the garden. The black is also reproduced wonderfully, as the contrast ratio of 15,000: 1 is quite high.

Another plus point: The Epson projector is even Full HD capable with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels - and thus even outperforms some of the more expensive competitors. So you can enjoy films or video games in the best image quality via a projector.

Since the device not only has numerous interfaces, for example two HDMI connections, but is also WiFi-enabled, you can also transfer your media wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.

The Epson EB-U04 3LCD offers a lot of projectors for a comparatively low price. On the Internet, the device costs from around 570 euros and, as a full HD projector with a large screen size and a comparatively high number of lumens, is a real asset for every home entertainment system.

Epson EB-U04 3LCD ➤ view on Amazon

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