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That it seldom stays at the published prices. Every crap costs extra. The usury par excellence is 50 € extra if your hand luggage weighs more than 10 kg.
I was there with my notebook case. The size wasn't the problem. I was 11.2 kg. When I checked in, I took out the laptop, probably noticed in the presence of the lady at the counter, tucked the part under my arm, the notebook case was less than 10 kg. She was satisfied and I put the laptop back in my bag in her presence. So much stupidity is really unbearable.
You can get very cheap flights through Ryanair. Sometimes there are even flights as part of a promotion for a cent, including taxes! However, you cannot rely on Ryanair to offer the cheapest flights. The airline works a lot with bait offers. It is also unpleasant that there are many additional costs after booking below the stated price. So you have to pay extra for each piece of luggage that is checked in. There are also fees for the respective payment modalities. Overall, the prices are rather opaque. The Ryanair airports are often far outside. Therefore, the additional travel costs incurred as a result must be considered.
During the flight, you are often exposed to advertisements. Eating and drinking is only available for high fees.
Conclusion: If you can find a really cheap flight and don't value comfort, Ryanair is worth it. Otherwise it is better to always compare different offers!
Ryanair offers flights from smaller airports in order to avoid the high airport taxes so that they can continue to offer cheaper seats. At Ryanair, each individual service is charged separately. For luggage, for example, surcharges are usually to be expected, here you should check the conditions at the departure airport. You also have to pay taxes at the airport. There is no free food or drinks on board, these are also charged. Everyone has to have their own experiences. You should calculate all positions carefully before booking in order to get a final price. For short distances (1-2 hours), Ryanair is definitely recommended.
We have had very good experiences with the airline Rynair. They are very cheap and until now you have always been on time. You can also forego a snack and fly cheaply for it. Take care of your luggage, it is best to only travel with hand luggage and find out about the additional costs beforehand so that you will not be surprised.
Before confirming the online booking, it is better to read everything 3 times and check whether there is a tick somewhere for a service that you do not want to have. Measure and weigh all luggage at home, before check-in, also for the return flight. Bear in mind that the airports are sometimes well away from the destinations, add airport transfers by bus or train to the flight price and only then compare them with the prices of other airlines.
We were always promoted at the advertised price and were well received, sometimes for well under € 10 per person.
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I had no problems ..... as far as the luggage and the additional costs are concerned: I have to accept that with the prices. The other airlines are now almost even more petty than Ryanair when it comes to luggage ... I have already paid for 500 g excess baggage ...
You can do without food and drinks ... take a look at the quality of the on-board catering of the more expensive companies (here the "Ferienflieger") because I prefer to pay 3 euros for a coffee and it's good.
You can only amuse yourself with the laptop control ... instead of being happy that no further control took place .... judge negatively .. I also experienced that .. take something out of your suitcase .... .but the inspector did not come back ... I thought that was nice!
When booking online, be careful that no unwanted services are booked by pre-set ticks. Just make sure you don't make typing errors when entering the passenger data, rebooking is often more expensive than rebooking. Boarding is like a 200 m sprint.