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Coronavirus: Suspicion of an Indian variant in Salzburg

A corona infection was detected in Salzburg for the first time this week, which is probably the variant of the virus that is rampant in India. Screening after the PCR test indicated this, but confirmation by sequencing is still pending. Affected is an Indian woman living in Flachgau who returned to Salzburg last week after a stay at home, said Franz Wieser, the state's spokesman, to the APA.

According to Wieser, the woman flew back from India in the middle of last week. On Tuesday of this week, she carried out a rapid corona test at work, which came out positive. The subsequent PCR test confirmed the infection. "During the screening, the suspicion of the Indian mutation surfaced," said the spokesman. The Indian woman had no symptoms at the time of the test. It was not known whether she had become ill in the meantime.

Quarantine was imposed on the woman and her family, and a daughter is said to have had a positive test in the meantime, but Wieser was unable to confirm this. "In Salzburg, all positive samples are treated like mutations by the authorities in contact tracing. This means that the strict provisions for tracking virus variants are applied across the board. In this case, too, all measures were consistently carried out from the start," said State Medical Director Petra Juhasz.

During the contact follow-up, it turned out that the Indian was shopping on Monday, April 26, 2021, from 7.45 a.m. to 8.20 a.m. in the Lidl branch in Munich Bundesstrasse 10 in the city of Salzburg. People who were also there at this time should therefore contact the health advice service 1450 or the health authorities directly on 0662 8180 5981.

The Indian virus variant B.1.617 is a dangerous combination of the mutations from Great Britain and South Africa. It is still unclear whether this form is more deadly than previous mutations. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), preliminary study results suggest that B.1.617 is spreading faster than other corona variants circulating in India. (apa)