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Social media boycott: Premier League takes a stand against racism

The Premier League and its clubs will suspend social media operations over the weekend to draw attention to online racism.

Too often footballers have been victims of racist insults and comments on social media platforms. Most of the time, this behavior is not sufficiently prevented by the operators of the site. That is why the Premier League joined forces with clubs and other associations in the country and called for a social media boycott. From Friday, April 30th from 4 p.m. to 11.59 p.m. on Monday, May 3, the parties involved will not post any posts on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Videos on YouTube are also not uploaded during this period.

Social media operators are called to duty

With the boycott, the movement would like to call on the operators of the social media platforms to take stronger action against racist insults on the Internet. Among other things, it is required that users are better protected against racism and that racist perpetrators are held accountable in the form of account bans and criminal charges. In addition, the British government is called upon to make social media operators more responsible for the behavior of users in the Online Protection Act.

"Racist behavior in any form is unacceptable and the horrific insults that players are exposed to on social media platforms must not continue," said Premier League boss Richard Masters.

Liverpool is also launching its own campaign

At the same time as the boycott of the Premier League, Liverpool FC is also launching an anti-racism campaign called "Stop the Hate, Stand Up, Report It". In it, the club calls on fans to report cases of online racism immediately and thus to take an active part in the fight against racism. The LFC then forwards this to the authorities.

"We must all work together to turn things around and report abuses when we see them and take action by reporting them. This, along with sharper consequences for those responsible for the insults, will help us fight for zero tolerance," said Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan.

Liverpool FC's reporting platform for racism

No Room for Racism - Premier League anti-racism movement

Kick It Out - Online reporting form for racist abuse

Liverpool's players also set an example and take part in the boycott. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson took a stand against racism at the beginning of April. After his teammates Trent Alexander-Arnold, Naby Keïta and Sadio Mané were racially insulted on social media, Henderson made his social media accounts available to the "Cybersmile Foundation". This fights against racism and bullying on the Internet and used the range of the Liverpool captain to draw attention to the consequences of online racism and insults.

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