Is that Swedish?

The Swedish language

Swedish is one of the Scandinavian languages ​​and is one of the Germanic languages. This means that Swedish is also part of the Indo-European language family. Swedish is spoken by around 8.5 million people as their mother tongue, of which around 8 million live in Sweden and just under 290,000 as a Finnish-Swedish minority (5.5% of the population) in Finland. Swedish is the official language in Sweden and partly also in Finland. In Sweden, the official status of the Swedish language has been established by a law since July 1, 2009, which obliges all government agencies to use and develop the Swedish language. The language of the authorities should be neat, simple and understandable. In addition to Swedish, Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani and Sami are recognized as minority languages. In Finland, a language law stipulates that Swedish is an official language on a national level with Finnish on an equal footing and that it is the official language alone or alongside Finnish at local level in municipalities with a certain Swedish-speaking population.

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Translate Swedish - German or German - Swedish

Do you need translations from or into Swedish or an interpreter for Swedish? Then you are right with us! Our translators always translate into their own mother tongue (German or Swedish) and can cover a wide range of specialist areas: automotive, construction, chemistry and pharmacy, banking, retail, software / hardware, service industry, medicine, technology, law, food industry, mechanical engineering, insurance , IT, telecommunications, tourism, environment, advertising industry, etc.
Our team of sworn (sworn) translators will take on certified translations (Swedish / German or German / Swedish) of official documents and certificates such as certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, judgments, contracts, etc.


Interpreting Swedish - German or German - Swedish

With the steadily growing internationalization and globalization of the markets, the need of companies, authorities, institutes and associations for professional interpreters in the language combination Swedish - German and German - Swedish is also increasing. Whether for negotiations, congresses or trade fairs, our interpreters for the language combinations German - Swedish or Swedish - German translate what is spoken without any loss of meaning or errors.


Language combinations

gotraduki offers translation and interpreting services in the following language combinations:

German - Swedish, Swedish - German
Bulgarian - Swedish, Swedish - Bulgarian
French - Swedish, Swedish - French
English - Swedish, Swedish - English
Turkish - Swedish, Swedish - Turkish
Spanish - Swedish, Swedish - Spanish
Italian - Swedish, Swedish - Swedish
Dutch - Swedish, Swedish - Dutch
Finnish - Swedish, Swedish - Finnish
Greek - Swedish, Swedish - Greek
Polish - Swedish, Swedish - Polish
Arabic - Swedish, Swedish - Arabic
Chinese - Swedish, Swedish - Chinese
Japanese - Swedish, Swedish - Japanese
Hindi - Swedish, Swedish - Hindi

If the language combination you require is missing from the above, please contact us. We will find a solution!