Where do the zodiac signs come from?

Signs of the zodiac - meaning, origin and a little esotericism

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Zodiac signs mean something to many people. Some have their parents' zodiac sign tattooed on their shoulders, others wear the image around their necks and not so few believe in the myths behind the zodiac signs. One thing is certainly clear: Everything we get out of the zodiac signs has been interpreted into them beforehand. Accordingly, it is up to each individual to think about sense and nonsense. Nevertheless, it is interesting to find out where the many stories about the zodiac signs come from, which zodiac signs other peoples have brought into being and what role they play today.

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Zodiac signs - imagination and a lot of myth

Yes, all of the zodiac signs and images known to us were brought to life by some creative and imaginative minds. We find its origin in the Greco-Roman culture. They invented Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Virgo or Gemini and gave them characters and meanings. Different peoples, different customs, different constellations and apparently even more imagination and creativity. In the large chariot we know, the Egyptians see the thigh of a bull, the Americans want to recognize a large ladle and in China the lion is not a donkey, like in Egypt, but a horse. Of course, this is not always really understandable, but everyone is free to create their own constellation.

It's all a question of perspective

The perspective from our location on the constellation changes continuously, very slowly, but at least steadily. The earth rotates in a gyro-shaped motion, which runs out slowly and apparently imperceptibly. Everything we see and perceive is constantly in motion, nothing stays where it is. The stars in the sky, which form the pictures for us, are in reality a different number of light years apart. And the stars also move incessantly and usually at a speed of a little more than 100 kilometers per second. Even the direction of the stars can change. We little people on earth hardly notice these movements and changes. We see our Lions and Libra or Capricorns all our lives. In 2000 years we would not recognize any more of it.

The sun and the constellations

We all know that the earth moves around the sun, and some also know that it is in a different constellation for about every month. Constellations are also known as zodiac signs and were assigned to a person 2000 years ago. In the month in which the sun is at the moment of his birth. Every year the sun is continuously in the same place in the sky - we celebrate this day as a birthday.

We still have to look at the dates and the allocation of the zodiac signs today, because they have been fixed. Of course, the path of the sun through the constellations has long since shifted and it should be noted at this point that this is not really taken into account by astrologers.

Zodiac signs with history and personality

Behind every sign of the zodiac or constellation is its own story and personality, which not infrequently applies to the respective person. And so you always don't know whether you can believe your horoscope or not.

The Aries

The constellation Aries begins on March 20/21 and ends on April 20/21 - depending on the calendar year. Aries are usually brave and willing to take risks, they often love challenges and have excellent stamina. Activity and energy, courage and confidence are his character traits. Difficulties and problems are overcome without resistance, giving up is not. But: With him everything he does has to make sense. Aries are loyal, honest and ready to give good advice, can lend a hand, have a lot of temperament and are often spontaneous. Aries are still honest and open, but also very reliable, generous and tolerant. An optimist in all situations, even when it seems like nothing is going on.

The bull

The constellation of Taurus lives on April 20/21 to May 20/21. The Taurus has a great sense of justice, with him everything has to be right and run correctly. Taurus are loyal, reliable, and absolutely steadfast in partnership. But also the sensuality is important with the bulls. Harmony and peace are very important to him, but so is persistence. Taurus believe in the positive in life, in success and in the fact that you have to do something to be successful. But if the Taurus has worked for fame and splendor, he is reluctant to give these things back.

The Twins

Geminis are very affectionate people who like to enjoy life and be celebrated. They're very fast-paced and maybe a little superficial. Geminis want to take everything from life with them and love community. The finer things in life want to be fully enjoyed. Everyday life and routine tend to bore the Gemini very quickly. Inventively, they loosen everything up, variety is something that Gemini needs to be able to live. Committing to something, showing consistency or sticking to something continuously - the Gemini doesn't like that. He is often spontaneous, creative and is welcomed, loved and appreciated for his openness.

In the next few articles we want to add the personalities of other zodiac signs and maybe you can identify with them too.