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What is Mako Satin?

Mako satin

Mako satin is the nobler variant of simple cotton satin, because the high-quality Mako satin fabric is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Woven in the satin weave, one creates a shiny surface and a matte bottom.

The textile is smooth and feels very comfortable and soft on the skin. These are excellent properties for Bed linen, as they promote a comfortable sleep feeling. In addition, the satin shine works very noble and fabrics made from Mako satin are very popular in the textile industry. Various products are made from Mako-Satin, for example bathrobes, designer shirts, curtains and, of course, duvet covers.

A set of bed linen made from Mako satin fabric can be used for both plain colors as well as with one beautiful pattern be printed in bright colors. Most bedding manufacturers have long recognized the Mako Satin properties and benefits and there is a very one Wide product range of Mako-Satin bed linen.

High-quality Mako-Satin fabrics have the following properties and advantages:

  • shiny surface
  • mat bottom
  • smooth and enjoyable
  • the substance works slightly cooling
  • moisture regulating
  • easy to care for
  • durable

What does Mako Satin mean?

Mako-Satin, Mako-Batiste or Mako-Cotton refers to a fabric made from pure Egyptian cotton was produced. This special cotton is considered due to its long wool threads of over 32 mm and tear-resistant properties as the highest quality cotton in the world. Mako cotton only accounts for 1% of global cotton production.

The Egyptian nobleman Mako el-Orfali discovered in 19th century overgrown cotton plants in his garden and discovered them on closer inspection high qualitywhereupon the cotton was processed and distributed. The cotton was named after him. Mohammad Ali Pasha, who led Egypt to independence from the Ottoman Empire, had this type of cotton grown on a large scale and it became the economic symbol of Egypt and for one Symbol of wealth and luxury.

Today there is cultivated Mako cotton with a fiber length of over 50 mm. It is thanks to the properties of the long fibers that they become one extremely fine and firm fabric can be woven. Mako cotton still stands for the highest quality today. The rare raw material and the elaborate processing make home textiles made of Mako satin a wonderful one Luxury object.

In order to produce cotton in a satin weave, it must first be combed and cleaned of foreign bodies before it is processed into yarn by spinning. Refined the yarn is bathed in caustic soda, which improves the properties of the cotton. This process is called Mercerization, another spelling is mercerization. In the end, the yarn is the cotton silky, firmer and easier to color.

Mako cotton then becomes Mako satin by weaving the wool in what is known as a satin weave. This means that the weft thread is first passed under the warp thread and then placed over two to three warp threads. This creates the shiny side that you could almost compare with silk. Mako satin can be processed into bed linen, all year round can be used because the fabric is ideal for both winter and summer.

How do you wash mako satin sheets?

Mako satin is moisture regulating, breathable and skin-friendly, as the material is made of 100% cotton and is therefore relatively easy to care for. Because of these qualities, Mako satin is often used for bedding. Of course the stuff is washableThe cover can be easily pulled on and off with a zipper or buttons.

Unless otherwise specified, bed linen made from Mako satin can be kept at a temperature of at most 60 ° C getting washed. However, a gentle cycle at 40 ° C is gentler and therefore more suitable, as long as the fabric is not extremely dirty. Are very suitable Liquid detergent on a natural basis.

The spin speed of 800 revolutions / minute should not be exceeded, so that the article from the luxurious material takes no damage. The stuff is suitable for tumble drying. It is best to treat stains on the textile with a mild stain remover or curd soap. Make sure that no soap residue remains on the fabric, as this will make Mako satin covers hard.

Mako satin in your bedroom

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