What does the Toyota logo mean

Few people know the real meaning of the Toyota logo

A profound message or simply an expression of origin: car manufacturers express a lot with their logos. BMW and Porsche want to express their solidarity with their homeland with their emblems. Hyundai hides a deeper meaning in its logo. But what about Toyota? Does it just show a "T" or is there much more to it in the end?

This is the meaning behind the Toyota logo

The Toyota logo we know today hasn't been around that long. In 1989 the Japanese presented their new emblem for the first time - in keeping with the company's 50th anniversary. The development of the logo is said to have taken five years, explains the blog LogoMyWay. Since then, the symbol has consisted of three interconnected ellipses. But it wasn't just a design decision. Toyota wants to convey a message with its logo.

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The two smaller ellipses first form the letter "T". But that's not all. On the one hand they should be the heart of the customer and on the other hand the heart of Toyota symbolize. Together they stand for mutual trust. The third ellipse, which encloses the other two, is supposed to represent the world that Toyota wants to make happy.

But according to their own statement, the Japanese stand by everything the focus is always on the customer and always strive for innovation. In doing so, however, one does not forget - quite marketing speech - one's responsibility to society.

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Toyota's first logo

The history of Toyota Motor Corporation began in August 1937 when Kiichirō Toyoda and his cousin Eiji Toyoda founded the company in Japan. Kiichirō Toyoda's father built automatic looms and distributed them through his company Toyoda Automatic Loom Inc.

When Kiichirō started his company, he replaced the "d" in his name with a "t". The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but apparently the aim was to simplify pronunciation and, on the other hand, to create a separation between private and work life.

Other sources claim that the name change came about through a public competition. Back then allegedly, people were looking for a logo for Toyota in public and the suggestion for the new name came up. The first logo of the Japanese was a blue and red diamond with the new lettering "Toyota".

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