A word that changed the world

How Martin Luther changed the world

How Martin Luther changed the world

Middle Ages (n., Singular only) - around the time from 500 to 1500

Belief (m., Singular only) - here: belief in God; the religion

Theology, -n (f.) - the teaching of a religion

Interpretation, -en (f.) - here: finding a meaning and the meaning of something

Grace, -n (f.) - here: the fact that God forgives someone and does him good

revolutionary - here: in such a way that something is completely new and changes society significantly

to unhinge something - change something completely

Moral conception (f.) - the thoughts about what is good and right

renew something - do something new; change something a lot

to turn to someone - here: talking to someone; ask someone for something

be the only yardstick - here: being the only thing that influences your behavior

to speak against something - say publicly that you are against something

Indulgence trade (m., Singular only) - the fact that in the 15th and 16th centuries people paid the church money so that they would not be punished by God

Thesis, -n (f.) - here: a sentence that claims that something is so

Sermon, -en (f.) - here: the speech with religious content

Letterpress (m., Singular only) - the process by which books are made

spread something - pass something on to many people

Reformation (f., Singular only) - here: the religious protest in the 16th century from which the evangelical church emerged

Protestantism (m., Singular only) - the evangelical faith