Are police cars bulletproof

: Anti-terrorist equipment: 29 bulletproof police cars and four armored cars are supposed to save lives

The Berlin police are continuing to arm against terror. There are 29 armored cars among the agency's 2,600 emergency vehicles. In addition, if necessary, operations managers can fall back on four armored vehicles with the designation "Sonderwagen 4". This emerges from a request from CDU MP Burkarrd Dregger to the Senate.

The Berlin police are continuing to arm themselves against armed attacks. More and more car bodies have to withstand shots from assault rifles such as the AK 47 or fragments from hand grenades. Cars that meet the current protection requirements will continue to be purchased for this purpose.

Body withstands assault rifle fire

This means: "The protected vehicles of the Berlin Police that are used in terrorist situations must have the highest ballistic protection class available on the market for civilian vehicles. According to the current BKA standard, this is the protection class with the designation VR9", explains Torsten Akmann from the Senate Administration. The armored cars must be able to "transport people safely in the emergency room," said Akmann. In addition, it must be possible to evacuate a danger area under fire.

All 29 special protection vehicles of the Berlin police therefore have a 51 millimeter thick steel hard core in the body, which can withstand even large-caliber shots from assault rifles from ten meters. These cars are mainly civil vehicles designed to protect people.

Armored car in rampage

In addition, the Berlin police have four armored vehicles (Sonderwagen 4) that have defended themselves in street fights in the past. They are used in particular in rampaging cases. The tasks of their crew include: Protected approach of police officers when deployed against armed people, protection of people at risk, protected rescue of the injured, installation and reinforcement of barriers, overcoming and removing obstacles.

The investments in equipment for the fight against terrorism are far from over. Last year it was said that the Senate wanted to provide around six million euros for new equipment and armored vehicles by 2018. "The police are currently procuring two armored vehicles of protection class VR9, including a so-called 'survivor'", said Akmann. In this huge armored off-road vehicle, the occupants are even protected from toxic gases. One "survivor" is to be handed over to the Berlin police at the end of 2017 and the other at the end of 2018. "In addition, the procurement of two protected vehicles for personal protection is planned for 2018," explains Akmann.

New service weapons for police officers

But the Berlin police should not only get new armored vehicles. As part of the procurement measures already in progress, new service pistols and a new rifle system for the Berlin riot police are being purchased. How many weapons there will be is not clear from the request. So far, the Berlin police have 21,624 service pistols (type P6), 3,263 submachine guns (MP 5) and eleven rifles (G8) as turret armament for the armored special vehicles 4.