What's the strangest plot in anime


The storyline Rescue the Kazekage belongs to part II of the manga, so to the Naruto ShippuudenSeries and takes place from chapter 245 to chapter 281 and from episode 1 (Shippuuden) to episode 32 (Shippuuden). It's the first storyline of Part II of the manga. In the third databook, the storyline is referred to as the "Kazekage rescue mission" (Kazekage Dakkan Ninmu, 風影 奪 還 任務). Deidara and Sasori, members of Akatsuki, appear in Sunagakure to find the Jinchuuriki of Shukaku. In the manga the storyline goes Kakashi Gaiden ahead of that and in the anime it's the storyline Ultimate weapon. This storyline is followed by the storyline Sasuke and Sai.

After 2 1/2 years, Naruto and Jiraiya come back to Konoha. Naruto also meets some friends again, namely Sakura, Konohamaru, Shikamaru, Temari and Iruka. But Naruto also learns that all of them have meanwhile repeated the Chunin exam, are now Chunin and some are even Jonin, which makes him the only Genin of his year. Nonetheless, Tsunade wants Naruto and Sakura to test what they have learned and wants them to repeat Kakashi's bell test. Before that, however, Naruto and Jiraiya give him the latest book by Jiraiya as a gift. After a hard fight, this time Naruto and Sakura manage to steal the bells from Kakashi and now form the Kakashi team with Kakashi. The only difference from before is that Kakashi is no longer her sensei, but her teammate. In the meantime, Akatsuki becomes active again and Deidara manages to kidnap Gaara, who is now Kazekage. Konoha is asked for help and so Team Kakashi and Temari first set off for Suna. Temari has to stay back there to mitigate the current damage. Sakura is still treating Kankurou, who was poisoned by Sasori while trying to free Gaara. When Team Kakashi wants to leave again, help comes from a Suna-Nin, from Chiyo, who has already retired. Team Gai is also sent to assist. Gaara will be deprived of his bijuu in the meantime. Team Kakashi and Team Gai manage to find the secret hiding place of Akatsuki, in which Gaara is, after a short hindrance caused by forgeries by Itachi and Kisame. In order to open the gate, however, Team Gai must first remove seals from different places at the same time, whereby doubles of them appear, but the entrance to the hiding place is now free. But Deidara takes the body of Gaara, and Kakashi as well as Naruto run after what Sakura and Chiyo Sasori have to face. After some fighting, the two manage to kill Sasori and defeat Deidara for the time being. Gaara has died, but is resuscitated by Chiyo, who gives her life for it. They all return to Suna first and then to Konoha. However, Sasori's position at Akatsuki is quickly occupied again with their new member Tobi and Deidara is still alive too.