What screams I'm a weeaboo

Before you, new reader (most likely) start reading this story, I would like to point out to you that this story is a bit older now. Long speech makes no sense. I had so-called writer's block for a very long time, which is why I couldn't continue this story. Now this is slowly dissolving and I get inspiration again to continue writing. Of course, my spelling, spelling, etc. has changed and improved a lot over the years, which is why I'm still working on this story completely and improving it. You can read more details in my profile. Anyway have fun!

First of all, hey and thanks for clicking this FF :-)


Halli Hello Leudis!
I'm Vicky and I'm here to tell you my story of how I got into anime and especially Diabolik Lovers. Now DL was my first "real" anime. Of course I already knew something like Sailermoon, Dragon Ball, and this standard anime that everyone knows.
Which aren't bad anime, but never really appealed to me back then. In any case, I went around on YouTube and then found an Amv with this anime and a song by Melanine Martinez. And yes what can I say I liked the video and the song a lot, which is why I kept inquiring and then finally found the first and second seasons of Diabolik Lovers. I've watched it a lot by now. No kidding, I know what they say without reading the subtitles haha. Yes, since then I'd say I'm an otaku too. I'm also interested in Japan, the language, the culture, the food, just about everything! I even developed the goal in life to travel to Japan and stand under the cherry blossom rain and yes, just dreamlike.
Since then I have watched other anime, of course, and what can I say. They'll never get me out of this scene again XD
Some time has now passed. Now I'm 16 years old and a relatively normal girl. I have a sister who also likes anime, then I have two best friends. I go to school like normal people and I enjoy spending time with my friends.
I am actually relatively satisfied with myself and my life as it is, should I write a profile or not? Oh fuck it, I'll do it now ^^

Name: Vicky
Age: 16
Birthday: 7.4
Size: about 1.62
Character: is open-minded, nice and helpful. But can also have a pretty big mouth. In uncomfortable situations she becomes shy and meek, she is always contradicting and has a sharp tongue. But she is valued by her friends for her honesty. However, she is skeptical about changes and she is very gleeful, cultivating sarcasm and irony.
Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, casual style, wears whatever she feels like.
Likes: Anime, hanging out with friends, drawing.
Dislike: She is claustrophobic and avoids large crowds. She hates math and loneliness and boredom oh and feeling hungry; D.

I woke up when I heard my mother scream.
I opened my eyes sleepily and groaned annoyed and sleepy.
"Just a little bit more..."
I turned back and threw the covers over my head.
"VICKY !!"
Was it again to hear from my mother this time just a little more annoyed.
I reluctantly sat up and saw it was 6:30 am on the way.
It was Monday morning and the last night was clearly too long.
"Fuck! I'm late for the bus !! "
I jumped out of bed in a hurry and grabbed my things before disappearing into the bathroom. Washed my hair as fast as I could and did the rest of it that went with it. I got dressed. Since I didn't have a lot of time to look for something, I put on what I got to grab. Today it was a normal black and white striped T-shirt and black perforated jeans and simple sneakers to complete the outfit I put on a cap, and today I put my hair in a loosely high braid. I went into my room and took my cell phone and headphones because without music I just couldn't do anything. When I got back down, I grabbed my backpack and sprinted out the door.
"See you!"
I called to my mother, but was gone too quickly not to hear her answer. I quickly sprinted to my bus stop and checked my watch. It was 7:04 a.m., which meant I had 6 minutes before the bus came. I huffed and fell exhausted on the bench that was in the little bus stop. When the bus came and I sat down in it, I picked up my bag and put the headphones on. I turned the music up to full volume and looked out the window, bored.
When I got to school, I went straight to the classroom. When I got there, I met my two best friends. I went up to her and we sat next to each other.
"Hey you two, what's up?"
I asked her.
“Hi, we're only talking about anime. Aylien has found a new one "
said Lydia enthusiastically.
"And let me guess, anything or anyone in this anime is perverted"
I asked jokingly, because Lydia loved it when there were perverted characters in anime, so Laito Sakamaki was her favorite too.
She didn't let anyone else say anything in her presence
'I love Laito'
that is why we preferred to shut up, otherwise she would become a fury.
Although I have to admit that Laito Sakamaki was also one of my favorites, but don't keep saying otherwise I'll be dead;)
Lydia started to grin perverted and nodded wildly.
"But in this anime there is not only perversity, there are also guys with red hair!"
Aylien started giggling. I blushed a bit because somehow some of my favorite anime characters were red-haired, not all but most of them.
"You're just making fun of it, what can I do that most of the hot boys in anime are red-haired !!"
I meant embarrassed. The two began to laugh out loud. We sat down when the teacher came in.
We had German for the first two hours, when that was finally done and the break was over, we went up to the gym, which we now had sport. We played dodgeball, it wasn't my favorite game, but I was good at it and as long as we didn't have to do anything stupid, I didn't really care. I got a slight stomach ache during physical education class. At first I thought I had my days. However, I refuted this after a quick check in the girls' bathroom. I had a drink and went back to the gym. Ignoring the feeling.
When class was over I changed and went to the playground with my friends.
We sat on a bench.
In addition to nausea, I also felt dizzy. I held my head with my hand.
"Guys, I'm not fine"
I meant something next to me. Black dots began to dance before my eyes.
"What do you mean?"
Asked Lydia.
"Shall we take you to the sickroom?"
It came from Aylien, worried.
I nodded and stood up. Contrary to what I expected, my legs didn't hold me, they buckled. When they noticed how I slumped to the ground.
They held me by the arms.
"Holl a teacher !!"
Aylien heard panic and I recognized Lydia running away. My consciousness faded and I fell to a depth
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