What if Naruto brought Sasuke back


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So first of all wanted Kakashi never killed Sasuke. He only saw that it was the better choice and finally understood the pain of Hiruzens that kept him from killing Orochimaru when he still had the chance.

On the other hand, I am deeply impressed by your cynicism. It's dripping and real ... I like it!
However, I hardly believe that the Konoha can have even one standing attic, let alone the Christmas tree decorations that it is supposed to hold ...

Furthermore, it is completely irrelevant whether A survives or not, because Naruto has already proven many times that Talk no Jutsu prevails against even the most stubborn and powerful. That being said, Sasuke would have more than just Naruto as an advocate. A is very impressed by Naruto and Kakashi, Bee is always impressed by Naruto, A listens to Bee and the rest of the Kage would surely advocate too ...

The return of Sasuke is certainly still in the stars, because the section of the manga has not yet been written. But as I said, it would somehow trample half the message of the manga ... for example the one that breaks the cycle of hate and pain in order to find true peace ...

Do what must be done, Lord Tobi. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. Only then will you be strong enough with the darkness to save Rin.