How was Osama bin Laden captured

US action against bin Laden: Contradictions about the intention to kill

Should Osama bin Laden be killed while storming his property in Pakistan? The arrest of the terrorist chief was not the goal, reports the US broadcaster CNN, citing official sources. It was a "kill mission".

However, other voices from the US government contradict this: the US special task force would have captured the al-Qaida chief alive if he had surrendered. "He fought back during the battle. Therefore, the forces killed him on the ground. They were prepared to take him alive if he had surrendered," an unnamed US representative told the AFP news agency. Obama's counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said they had also been prepared to capture bin Laden.

So far, no photos of bin Laden's corpse have been published. According to information from CNN, the White House has not yet decided whether to release the images. On them you can see that bin Laden suffered a gunshot wound to the head, according to the broadcaster. CNN quoted US government officials as saying it was clearly visible on the recordings.

After bin Laden's death, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the Taliban in Afghanistan to turn away from al-Qaeda. "Our message to the Taliban remains the same, but today it carries even greater weight: you cannot tire us, you cannot defeat us, but you have the choice of leaving al-Qaeda and participating in a peaceful political process" said Clinton. Al-Qaeda leader bin Laden, who is from Saudi Arabia, had been protected by the Taliban for years.

Clinton said the US would continue to fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban allies in Afghanistan. Support for the Afghan people will also continue. The goal is an Afghan government that is strong enough to guarantee security in the country itself. Meanwhile, CIA director Leon Panetta also warned of revenge attacks: "The terrorists will almost certainly try to avenge him."