Is pilot a good job for boys

Become a pilot - an overview of the career path!

The profession of pilot (male / female) suits you if:

  • Ability to concentrate and Sense of responsibility to your greatest Strengthen belong.
  • you good Knowledge of mathematics, physics and English has.
  • you a real team player are.
  • you no fear of heights or flying has.
  • you technically gifted and are interested.
  • you nothing so quick to get out of control brings.
  • You .... yourself orientate yourself well and react quickly can.
  • You .... yourself stress-resistant new tasks dedicate.
  • irregular working hours don't throw you off balance.
  • you like responsibility take over.
  • you have a job with very good salary prospects looking for.

Table of Contents

  1. requirements
  2. training
  3. tasks
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Areas of application
  6. salary
  7. further education
  8. Career prospects
  9. Alternative professions
  10. overview

Become a pilot - the prerequisites


For the Training to become a pilot There is no legally prescribed school education, but the (technical) university entrance qualification is generally required. A comprehensive general education as well as good grades in e.g. mathematics and physics are recommended in order to be able to become a pilot. Before you can start your career, you first complete a comprehensive one Aptitude testwho allows you to work. These include, for example Admission criteria such as a certain height between 1.60 m and 1.98 m and sufficient eyesight. Your resilience is also checked, because as a pilot, working hours of several hours a day and also at night are not uncommon.

The hard and soft skills

In the pilot's profession, certain personal Soft skills provided. Because in addition to proven Hard skills, such as your physical and mental resilience, you should have skills such as good spatial orientation, reaction speed, special awareness of responsibility and danger as well as very good self-organization.

The pilots training

The Training to become a pilot can take anywhere from ten months to two years. If you choose the profession, there are different ways to become a pilot:

Training with an airline

If you want to become a pilot, you can Training directly with an airline compete either as a commercial pilot or as a professional pilot. This requires a general university entrance qualification and very good grades in mathematics, English and physics. Before the training to become a pilot begins, you have to first become one Aptitude test in which your knowledge of various areas is queried, e.g. in technology, English, ability to work in a team and resilience. In addition to the aptitude test, your medical fitness to fly will also be checked in detail. The training at an airline is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. During this time you will deal with subjects such as aviation law, flight planning, radio navigation and aerodynamics. The pilot training lasts between 29 and 33 months. During this time, as a prospective pilot, you will complete 1200 theoretical lessons with a final exam as well as around 320 hours of flight training in practice. In addition to airlines, the Bundeswehr also offers pilot training.

Training at private flight schools

In addition to the usual training at an airline, you can also take part private flight schools Become a pilot. These are based on the major airlines, because the content of the training is largely identical. The exact duration of the training and the procedure depend on the respective training provider.


Another possibility to become a pilot is offered by some Flight schools in cooperation with a university in the aviation systems technology and management course at. The course comprises eight semesters in which you will be trained as a pilot. During your studies, you will first be introduced to the basic knowledge of mechanical engineering. Further specialization modules, e.g. in the areas of flight operations technology or aircraft construction, will follow. But subjects such as psychology or business administration are also on your schedule. You will complete the practical part of your studies in the sixth and seventh semesters. After completing your studies, you can officially call yourself a commercial pilot.


In addition to different types of training, you can also apply for a certain specialization decide.

For example, do you want to Jet or fighter jet pilot you will be trained at the Bundeswehr Air Force. However, very few applicants get the chance to fly such an aircraft, as the training of a single pilot runs into the millions. As a jet pilot, you can fly risky maneuvers and certain formations with other pilots in order to deceive enemy radar systems. In combat missions you are responsible for identifying enemy aircraft in order to intercept them if necessary.

Do you want to be as Rescue helicopter pilot be active, you are in demand when an emergency doctor is urgently needed. You are responsible for flying the ambulance to the scene as quickly as possible. The rescue helicopter can take the patient to the hospital much faster than an ambulance.

Cargo pilots in turn, support world trade because they transport goods to a wide variety of countries. As a freight pilot, you are mostly on the road at night, cover long distances and are already on the road for a whole week to transport the goods to the various economic and industrial metropolises.

The tasks

Pilots primarily have that responsible job, Flying people from A to Z.. They control aircraft safely through the air, even in critical situations, because they always have the weather situation in view and the best flight route ready. You are in contact with air traffic control, who are at your side, via radio the whole time of the flight. While flying, you always take into account all national and international rules and regulations.

The will support you during long-haul flights Autopilot in the cockpit. Nevertheless, you are vigilant the whole time and continuously control all processes in order to be able to intervene in time if necessary. The take-off and landing of the aircraft are always carried out manually by the pilot.

Pilots also lay the optimal flight routes by determining this with the help of flight cards and in consultation with flight dispatchers. The estimated flight time and the required calculation of fuel consumption are also determined before each flight.

After your flight, as a pilot, you will create a report on how the flight went, whether deficiencies were found during the flight or special incidents should be recorded. The flying machine and flight documents are handed over to the accepting crew after the flight.

Work-life balance

In everyday working life you should also pay attention to your Work-life balance pay attention, especially in a job as demanding as the pilot. Here's how it works Work-life balance of the pilot stands:

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The areas of application

After your apprenticeship, you have several options for being employed as a pilot. Because you can not only with one Airline in scheduled air traffic or at one Charter airline work, but also, for example, as Company pilot for a company or as Ambulance be active. If you have the appropriate training authorization, you can also find a job at Flight schools or the armed forces

The salary prospects of pilots

Training salary

Since it is a school education acts to become a pilot, you get no remuneration during this time - rather await you at this time feesthat you have to raise alone. How high the fees you can expect depends on the respective training company, but are usually between 60,000 and 100,000 euros. However, some training companies offer to pre-finance the fees. These can then be repaid in installments after completing the training.

Starting salary

Patience pays off having to wait for the first salary during the training, because as a trained pilot you can expect very good salary prospects. Exactly how much salary you receive always depends on your position and the airline you work for. Usually you start with one Starting salary between 3000 and 4000 euros gross per month.

Top salaries

You have been collecting money as a pilot over the years more work experience and with increasing qualifications your salary also increases. A remuneration of around 10,000 euros gross per month is then common. Do you belong to the Top earners, salaries of over 10,000 euros gross per month are possible. Thus the pilot belongs to the highest paid professions.

Training for pilots

If you want to train yourself as a pilot after your training, you can do one Further training to become a check captain consider to train other pilots and crew members. Do you choose the Further training to become a training first officer, you train prospective pilots on the flight simulator.

If you want to study, you can apply for a Studies in air traffic management decide to take over the monitoring and control of the traffic operation.

After your apprenticeship you are initially as Co-pilot in action. However, do you also want to be a captain get started, you have to tackle the appropriate further training and face further tests.

The job prospects

Did you manage To become a pilot, you can expect a financially secure future, because the Career prospects for pilots are very good. The dream job of a pilot also offers you a very good long-term perspective, because the willingness of commuters and tourists to travel will continue in the future and air traffic is constantly increasing worldwide. You also have one with major airlines Takeover guarantee after successful completion your pilot training.

Alternative professions

Aviation clerk

As Aviation Clerk you are not in the air, but make sure that there is no chaos at the airport. You will take on many commercial and organizational tasks to support air traffic.

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for air traffic safety by ensuring that planes do not collide. For this they take on a great responsibility and have to score points with a high level of concentration and memory.

Customs officer

do you want a Training at customs complete, for example, you take care of travel traffic at the airport and check travelers on arrival to see whether they are bringing medication with them that are not permitted in Germany.

Overview: the most important information to become a pilot (male / female):

  • To become a pilot, you first need one Aptitude test consist.
  • For the Training to become a pilot is there different training paths
  • In the job you are waiting irregular working hoursthat your Work-life balance can affect.
  • Have pilots very good salary and career prospects