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Link to this datasethttp://d-nb.info/gnd/4047389-2Factual term progesteronesource M.Synonyms Corpus luteum hormone
Luteal hormoneGeneric termsSteroid hormoneThematic reference Related term: progestinDDC notation 573.66
612.6 Systematics 27.3c Nutrition, Metabolism, Incretion; 27.11 Gynecology, obstetricsType General term (saz)Other authority data LCSH: progesterone
RAMEAU: ProgestéroneSubordinate1 record
  1. Progesterone caproate
Subject in23 publications
  1. [Estrogen matters]
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  2. Progesterone: Diagnostics and Therapeutic Options
    Martin, Michael. - Oldenburg: Forum Medizin Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, [2019]
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Machine linked with121 publications
  1. The menopausal hormone therapy from an internal endocrinological point of view
    Contained in German Medical Weekly Vol. 146, 2021, No. 01: 41-47
  2. Abortion Prevention: How Effective Is Vaginal Progesterone?
    Contained in The Midwife Vol. 34, 2021, No. 01: 14-15
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