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2.) “How strange we humans are. Although we never manage to be like God, we always manage to become the devil. "(Trigun)

They are back ^^ I had ages ago the 99 best anime quotes listed, and now ... well, just did it again ^^; BUT Since I'm like the guy from Naruto who makes a competition out of everything with himself, I made a few rules:

- Only ONE quote per anime / manga

- No anime / manga that I had in the first issue

- Only quotes in German

- No subs-quotes or translated quotes

Otherwise: Have Fun ^^ V

About ... people, gods & devils

1.) "I beg your pardon? I just misheard myself! As a priest tell them now: go to hell! "(Tari Tari)

3.) “I ask for your attention! We will take off for a direct flight to Hell in a few moments. "(Cutey Honey)

4.) "I am the devil and smell blood." (Black Cat)

5.) “You see correctly, I am everything. I am a man, but not just a man. I am a woman, but not just a woman. I am the immortal angel. You surely know what the immortal angel is called? He is called God by living beings! "(Rin - Daughter of Menosyme)

6.) “I once devoured five continents. My thirst swallowed up three seas. Heaven alone can evade my dominion. Know that my body does not call wings, arms, or legs its own. I am the Midgard Serpent. I bear the name Jormundgand. "(Jormundgand)

8.) “Worthless! How cruel the Creator can be at times like breathe life into you! He leaves it to us to remove the rubbish behind him and then look pleasantly at his creation! "(Holy Knight)

9.) “People don't see what they don't want to see. Nobody wants to die. That's why people don't do anything, even if they know something is going to happen. "(Highschool of the Dead)

10.) "People are strong because they have the ability to change." (One Punch Man)

11.) “I'm digging a grave, Mamma is in a grave too, isn't she? I already know my aunt told me. Our mom has died and now she is in a grave. "(The last fireflies)

12.) "Man is not even the master of his own will." (Berserk)

13.) “Fifteen men are sitting on the dead man's chest! Ho Mei Jo in hand a bottle of rum! The devil will get the rest of the team, but they don't care! Ho Mei Jo in hand a bottle of rum! "(Treasure Island)

15.) "I declare this day a triumph over boredom!" (A Silent Voice)

16.) "What is a nation more than a bunch of millions of egoists?" (Eden of the East)

17.) “Oh Lord, why are our fields being devastated by someone without a heart? Everyone who rejoices in my misfortune must be ashamed and blush. Those who make me great again have to dress in shame and shame. The Lord repaid me according to my righteousness. Oh Lord, terrify them, that the heathen recognize that they are mortal! In the name of truth and fidelity, my inexorable vengeance will come on you! ”(Le Chevalier D'Eon)

About ... love and emotions

18.) “Resentment, fear, envy, sadness, impatience, greed. Feelings like these nestle in the soul like demons. These bad thoughts turn into pain. "(Noragami)

19.) “For God's sake! Me and in love? It doesn't exist, I'm in a crisis! Well, what can you do about it? I am totally exhausted. Well that can be cheerful! "(Kare Kano)

20.) “The question that arises when hatred gains the upper hand is: How can you go against it in order to get rid of it for good? The only possibility: You have to extinguish it with another, just as powerful feeling. "(Blood C)

21.) "Love and hate are two sides of the same coin." (Hunter X Hunter)

23.) “Happiness, splendor and fame vanish into nothingness, like a drop falling into water. A circular wave runs on the horizon, nothing remains. ”(Romeo X Juliet)

24.) "If you don't cry when you feel like it, you forget how to laugh." (Magister Negi Magi)

25.) “You would like to sleep with me, but bad luck. I just play cat and mouse with you. You are my toy and you are really exciting! My father couldn't have bought me a better toy! "(Golden Boy)

26.) “I ask you! I have to tell Hiroki how much I loved him all along. If I can only tell him that, just that, I don't need anything else. I ask you to feel this way, just for a moment. "(The Place Promised in our Early Days)

27.) "If he had slept further, everything would have stayed the same. Once awakened, his heart is now ruled by what is called the past, whether he likes it or not. "(Gungrave)

29.) "Women have thorns just like roses, but whether they sting depends on the man!" (A super trio)

30.) "Wherever there is hope, there is definitely despair." (Danganronpa)

31.) “The wind rises; we have to try to live. "(As the wind lifts)

32.) "I should make your life interesting ?! I will end it !!" (GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka)

34.) "No matter how many feelings you have within you, if they don't reach the person you love, they are meaningless" (Junjo Romantica)

About ... fight and confrontation

35.) "That there, that is his true form. We are not people who have put on the fur of wolves, but wolves who have disguised themselves as people." (Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade)

36.) “Here the strong eat the weak. Only the strong determine where to go, that is the law of the wild. "(Btooom!)

37.) “Is that the President's office? I'll be there in an hour, and as soon as I get there, I'll get rid of him. ”(Baki)

38.) “Did you know which is the most vicious and dangerous organization in Japan? That's the police! "(Vanilla Fiction)

39.) “Yes, everything is fine, because my legs and my body are faster than anyone, and everything else. They are faster and stronger! I am a Fanalis, I belong to the strongest warrior people, the rulers of the dark continent! "(Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic)

41.) "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil, burn!" (Code: Breaker)

42.) “You have a royal straight flush? Such types usually do not have a long life expectancy. "(Devil May Cry)

43.) “It does not matter who of us wins ... but not to lose. Neither against the enemy nor against yourself! "(Senran Kagura)

44.) “What's wrong? Why don't you want me to nibble a little on your innards? "(Claymore)

45.) "Loud and ignorant, that makes you almost sympathetic to me." (Sekirei)

46.) "Damn it, cowboys until you drop and nobody has a weapon." (Armitage III)

47.) “I'm not rude. I just wasn't taught to be polite to people I hate ”(Durarara!)

49.) “So share with your fellow men and share your fellow men! Hallelujah !! "(78 days on the street of hate)

50.) “Then tell me: How does it feel when the head is separated from the torso? Isn't that a little sad? "(Akame ga Kill)

About ... things to ponder

51.) "Maybe you don't have an appetite right now, but whoever lives gets hungry at some point!" (Home Sweet Home - The fifth hour of the war)

52.) “If you try, you may be able to do it. If you don't try, you will certainly not make it. "(Guilty Crown)

53.) "Our time was short, but extraordinary." (Basilisk)

54.) "Even if the cards are not promising, the future remains something changeable, the course of which depends on one's own actions." (Clannad)

55.) "Nobody can foresee the future, so it is pointless to fear the unknown." (Shaman King)

57.) “And again at the last minute. I think it would be much more honest to be late. "(The girl who jumped through time)

58.) "It makes no sense to give up something before you have started." (Another)

59.) "They say the fire shines brightest when the circumstances are at their worst." (Howl's Moving Castle)

60.) "Talent alone never beats hard work!" (Free!)

61.) "Those who do not give up, no matter how many walls stand in their way, are those who make their dreams come true." (Bakuman)

63.) "You can also turn your weaknesses and mistakes into your weapon." (Assassination Classroom)

64.) "Life doesn't just mean that you should do things for yourself, because it is possible to live in such a way that the happiness of other people makes you happy too." (Sword Art Online)

65.) "If my own happiness leads to the unhappiness of others, then being unhappy is probably the better choice." (Sankarea)

66.) "Life is a burden, carry it with pride." (The Irregular at Magic High School)

67.) "There is nothing poorer than a murderer who begs for his life." (Gantz)

68.) “I don't want to be someone who is said to only be able to talk. That he was always ready to sacrifice others, but never his own life. "(Danmachi)

About ... the nature of the world

69.) "Everything in this world is just a game and we are just the farmers." (Mirai Nikki)

71.) "Just as there is light in every night and there is shadow during the day, the world will never be free from darkness." (Beyound the Boundary)

72.) “One can achieve peace without demonstrating one's power. You have to convince each individual step by step, but it is possible to change the world. "(Grenadier)

73.) "There is no world in which there is more pain than in ours, not a single one." (Black Rock Shooter)

74.) “This world is hell. This world is cruel. But it is also beautiful. "(Attack on Titan)

75) “It is said that in this world there are winners and losers, wise men and fools, the living and the dead. In fact, there are only losers, fools, and the dead. Except for me, of course. "(Pluto)

76.) "The world is not kind enough to fulfill your every wish." (Absolute Duo)

78.) “The only thing you protect with your tanks is the armaments industry! The only thing that can be protected with order is compromise! And the only thing you protect with peace is yesterday! There is only one thing that can protect this world: submission! Submission only! "(Sekai Seifuku: World Conquest Zvezda Plot)

79.) “This world is dark and it is so difficult to breathe. But at that moment when I laughed with you, I felt that breathing became a little easier. "(D.Gray-Man)

About .. senseless curd% D

80.) "It would be better if you cooperate and get the rolls out, otherwise I'll open fire!" (Full Metal Panic)

81.) "He is and remains a horny goat, a lusty pig, spanner, grabber, liar, cheater and pervert!" (Love Hina)

82.) "Boy, stop whimpering, how does that look? Act like a demon general! Pinch your ass cheeks! "(The Devil is a Part Timer)

83.) “Yuck! I just spotted a huge, naughty vermin! What do you think of calling my daughter by her first name, you cheeky fellow ?! "(Ouran Host Club)

84.) “You are not a stupid loser! You're a clever loser. "(Ano Hana)

86.) “Senpai, here please! This is my bitter but sweet sweetheart! "(K-ON!)

87.) "If you drink this water, you will live until you die!" (Fighter)

88.) “Then the nobility will get a reprimand now! Take a good look at this small collection of weapons! Now come rockets, you can only pray! "(Flint Hammerhead)

89.) “Don't worry. I'm such a fool that I'm not afraid of anything. ”(Soul Eater NOT!)

90.) “I once read a story about a girl who was beaten with something until the end of her life, but it wasn't red hair! The lucky one, she had no hair at all and squinted easily. "(Anne with the red hair)

91.) “Down, up, pants off, bottom out and checked! Down, up, pants on, butt in, that's how it has to be! "(Yo-Kai Watch)

93.) "The hair of perverted emos grows faster." (Close to you - Kimi ni Todoke)

94.) "If you would like to wear my panties on your head, just say so instead of secretly taking them from you." (Crimson Wolf)

95.) "I have a talent for getting tired without doing anything at all!" (WataMote)

96.) "I'm dying, I'm dying! I am immortal, but ... I'm dying!" (Servamp)

98.) "Better to go to bed without supper than to get up with debt!" (Arcana Famiglia)

99.) "This story was about the 23 days it took a vacuum cleaner to realize that it wanted to drink coffee." (Space Dandy)

Those were the 99 (second) best anime quotes from my side, can anyone think of another good one? Hope you had fun and leave comments, corrections and (if it has to be T_T) criticism ^^