How do I choose the right mattress

Stiftung Warentest : How to find the right mattress

You spend a third of your life in bed. Finding the right mattress is therefore important. But for many people, staying in bed at night does not bring relaxation. Around 22 million German citizens suffer from back pain and tension. A good mattress could help, but how do you find it?

For all those who do not know whether to choose a hard or soft base, whether latex or foam are better for them and whether you can get a good mattress for little money, Stiftung Warentest now has good news: There are two good mattresses that fit everyone. And one of them is actually really cheap, according to the current "Test" magazine.

Test winner: 130 euros at Aldi

The Aldi Novitesse Memolux 90 mattress costs just 130 euros. The testers bought the promotional goods last September. Fittingly, the discounter is now bringing the mattress back to its branches. From this Thursday you can buy them in Aldi stores. The mattress is a visco foam mattress. It consists of polyurethane foam and has a viscose layer. Viscous foam mattresses generally adapt well to the shape of the body, but are often unsuitable for people who sweat heavily.

If you want latex, you have to spend 600 euros

Those who prefer to sleep on latex instead of the foam mattress are best served with the Selecta L4. At 600 euros it costs significantly more, but the Selecta achieved "the best test result ever measured in terms of lying properties," enthused the testers. But they are convinced of both test winners. Because both mattresses are suitable for both back and side sleepers, "a rare phenomenon", as the examiners know.

Price range from 100 to 1100 euros

With their test, consumer advocates could make buying mattresses easier for many people. Because the market is large and clear. The testers brought 16 mattresses into the laboratory, with the visco foam mattresses the price range ranged from 100 to 500 euros, with latex the prices ranged between 149 euros and 1100 euros. The cheapest latex mattress comes from Ikea and is also a purchase recommendation from the testers. The Ikea Morgedal is the "cheapest latex mattress ever with a good rating," according to the test. However, it is only really good for rather small people. Latex - once obtained from rubber trees, but now manufactured synthetically - generally offers a generally soft, comfortable feeling to lie on, but the mattresses are significantly heavier than foam mattresses and therefore difficult to transport and turn.

Tips for buying

Those who buy the mattress in the store can try it out, but a quick try out is often not enough. The body needs time to get used to the new surface. You should therefore buy from a dealer who will take back the goods even if the packaging film has been removed. This is possible with most online retailers, customers can usually have a 100-day sample here. In any case, Stiftung Warentest is a fan of a mattress available online: the Bodyguard from for 199 euros. "It is the best mattress that we have ever tested," write the testers.

The consumer advocates also recommend other good, cheap products from their database: The innerspring mattresses include Malie Polar for 199 euros, self-service furniture Boss Bona Med Edition Extra for the same price and the Schlaraffia Clever 35 TFK Smartline for 200 euros. When it comes to foam mattresses, the online Casper mattress is at the top, but at 475 euros it is significantly more expensive than the equally good competitors Badenia Irisette Dreams (229 euros) or the foam mattresses from f.a.n (262 euros).

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