Where can you get buy ephedrine

Buy ephedrine

Buying ephedrine was very easy a few years ago. There were countless online shops where you could buy ephedrine, mostly in the form of an ECA stack with ephedra. Nowadays you can no longer easily buy ephedrine at all these shops, as most of them have completely stopped selling them. After the laws in Europe changed fundamentally, it was no longer possible to buy ephedrine. The Dutch and Belgian shops in particular were hit hard, as they were the main suppliers of ephedra products.

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In England buying ephedrine is not expressly allowed, but also not expressly prohibited. Much like using and owning anabolic steroids, ephedrine falls into a kind of gray area. However, there are not many providers left where you can buy ephedrine. One of these dealers is fatburner-1.com, a Canadian supplier with a central warehouse in England. If you buy ephedrine there, you will receive it duty-free within a week. Buying ephedrine is fun!

In the home country of Fatburner-1, Canada, you can easily buy ephedrine preparations with an active ingredient strength of a maximum of 8mg per tablet in any drugstore. The same applies to Canadian online shops, because they are also allowed to offer and ship ephedrine tablets with an active ingredient strength of no more than 8mg without a prescription.

Where can you get buy ephedrine?

There are several ways to buy ephedrine. One possibility was already dealt with in the first paragraph, namely buying on the Internet. Another option is to buy ephedrine on the black market. This is also the least preferred option for two reasons. Reason 1 is of course that this is an illegal activity unless you are in Canada or England. Because in all other countries the 8mg limit does not apply. Here, 1mg ephedrine is already a prescription.

Reason 2 is that you never know exactly what you are buying. Counterfeits are common and instead of the desired ephedrine, only caffeine or, in the worst case, no active ingredient at all, can be in the tablets. Anyone who buys on the black market is taking an incalculable risk!

But you can still buy ephedrine in nearby countries. In Turkish pharmacies you can still buy ephedrine without any problems if you bargain. In Spain it looks a little different, where until a few years ago you could buy ephedrine in pharmacies without a prescription. Holiday souvenirs from other countries are now excluded, as the laws on buying ephedrine are becoming stricter. Then where else can you buy ephedrine these days?

Where can you legally buy ephedrine?

The easiest way to legally buy ephedrine is on the Internet. fatburner-1.com offers first class service, fair prices and fast shipping. There you can legally and seriously buy your ephedrine by cash in advance or by credit card. Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not possible, as it is sent from either England or Canada.

But even if it is sent from Canada, buying ephedrine does not mutate into a horror, as we have sufficient experience in shipping to Europe. Please note that we can only offer 8mg strength ephedrine tablets in order not to violate any laws.

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The question of where else you can legally buy ephedrine, except in the corresponding internet shops, cannot be answered, as there are no other options for Europeans. Holidaymakers who stock up on cheap ephedrine in Turkey commit a crime on their return journey and the associated importation into European countries, which, depending on the amount imported, can quickly exceed fines. It's definitely not worth the risk! Recommendations to buy ephedrine legally and without a prescription in German pharmacies are also outdated.

The only drug that contained ephedrine at an effective dose, called Vencipon N, was withdrawn from the market years ago. This means that it is no longer possible for Western Europeans in particular to buy ephedrine legally.

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Where can you buy pure ephedrine?

The question of where to buy pure ephedrine may be a bit confusing for one or the other, as not everyone knows the differences between ephedrine, ephedrine HCL and ephedra. Here is some education to end the confusion: Ephedra is the herb that contains the active ingredient ephedrine, among other things. Ephedrine is the actual active ingredient, a so-called alkaloid. Ephedrine HCL is the alkaloid ephedrine with attached hydrochloride, i.e. a salt of hydrochloric acid. This is attached to increase the bioavailability of the basic ephedrine.

If ephedrine were taken without HCL, it could not be sufficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and would therefore be less effective.

The question of where you can buy pure ephedrine is therefore less interesting than the question of where you can buy ephedrine HCL. In the bodybuilding scene, however, it has become established that ephedrine HCL is called pure ephedrine, while ephedra is not considered pure ephedrine. The answer to the question of where you can buy pure ephedrine is rather difficult, as this active ingredient falls under the Medicines Act in most countries.

Only in a few countries, such as Canada, are ephedrine HCL tablets with a maximum of 8mg active ingredient available for sale. In our shop you can get exactly these tablets from the renowned manufacturer Kaizen.

Buy ephedrine in Holland

Even today, many bodybuilders are of the opinion that you can buy ephedrine in Holland without any problems. This is due, among other things, to the fact that, on the one hand, you could easily buy ephedrine HCL tablets in Dutch body shops in the 1990s, and on the other hand, because Holland has a worldwide reputation for being very liberal when it comes to medicines and drugs. However, it is currently unfortunately no longer possible to buy ephedrine in Holland without a prescription.

With a little luck it might be possible that you can buy ephedra in Holland. There it will continue to be offered in special head shops that specialize in tobacco products. The only problem here is that the quality of these capsules is called very questionable in corresponding bodybuilding forums. One speaks either of no effect at all or of such a strong effect that one could think that the capsules contain amphetamines. For this reason we can only advise against placing an order in these shops.

In general, you cannot buy ephedrine in Holland at the moment and you should not buy ephedra capsules either. If you want to use the extreme effects of ephedrine for your training or to reduce the body fat content, you should order online in a reputable shop, such as www.fatburner-1.com.

Buy ephedrine legally

As mentioned in the previous sections, the options to buy ephedrine legally are unfortunately severely limited these days. In most countries, ephedrine falls under the Medicines Act and it is illegal to buy it without a prescription from a doctor. As a result, there are only two options left: either you buy the desired preparations on the black market or you order on the Internet. As easy as it looks at first glance, it is just as difficult not to make mistakes with either variant.

Bodybuilders who believe that they can legally buy ephedrine from online stores are mostly on the wrong track. Tablets with 50mg of active ingredient are popular, but these are also very popular for the production of methamphetamines, so that customs authorities around the world keep an eye on them and withdraw the relevant shipments directly from circulation. When buying online, you should be careful not to exceed the maximum permitted limit of 8mg per tablet. This dosage is allowed in many countries. In Canada, for example, you can legally buy tablets with 8mg ephedrine in any supermarket.

You should also be careful when buying on the black market, as it is not uncommon for one to fall victim to counterfeiting. Ephedrine tablets are often mixed with caffeine or often contain no ephedrine at all, but only caffeine in the best case, no active ingredient at all in the bad case and amphetamines in the worst case.

Buy ephedrine Amazon

In the bodybuilding forums, one often reads from people asking if buying ephedrine from Amazon makes sense. There you will find the funniest stories of how people supposedly ordered truckloads of Ephedrine HCL and got it delivered. The fact is that Amazon, like any other company, has to comply with applicable laws and consequently prohibits the sale of ephedrine, at least in countries where ephedrine falls under the Medicines Act.

You can have a look yourself. Open amazon.de and search for ephedrine. You will surely find some products that suggest they contain ephedrine, but if you take a closer look you will find that all of these products are blenders without exception. It looks different here if you switch to amazon.com. Real ephedrine tablets are offered there.

One of the many ephedrine supplements you can buy on Amazon.com. Unfortunately, customs in Europe do not play a role here.

The problem here, however, is that the providers are based in the USA and your order will consequently be confiscated at customs in your home country. You can assume that all packages coming from the USA will be screened by customs in Europe. In this respect, unfortunately, buying ephedrine on Amazon is not an alternative.

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