What if King Piccolo killed Goku?

Big Devil Piccolo

Big Devil Piccolo





Big Devil Piccolo is the bad part that God had to put aside first so that he could become God at all. He terrorized the world until Muten-Roshi master Mutaito locked him in a rice cooker. From this rice cooker he was freed from pilaf and with the help of the Dragon Balls he was able to wish his youth back. In a tough fight against Son Goku he lost, because Son Goku used the gorilla fist and pierced him. But shortly before his death he met Piccolo jr. born so that he might complete his vengeance.





Piccolo once terrorized the world, when this was not known. However, it could have happened right after he split off from God, or it could have happened later.

Apparently God couldn't do anything against him, so the master of Muten-Roshi and the lord of the cranes, Mutaito, banned him into a rice cooker using the Mafuba technique. Muten-Roshi sank the rice cooker in the sea.


Prince Pilaf somehow noticed that a powerful demon was sunk in the sea. So he hid it and told him about the Dragon Balls. For this, Pilaf wanted half of the earth first. Piccolo's servant tambourine stole Son Goku's Dragon Ball and the list of participants. He killed Kuririn in the process. When Son Goku was chasing him, tambourine knocked him down thinking they had killed him.

Piccolo then created another servant, Zimbel. This should look for the Dragon Balls. Unfortunately, Zimbel met Son Goku and Yajirobi and was killed. Piccolo sensed this and sent tambourine to kill the killer. But tambourine was also defeated. After Tambourine's death, Piccolo decided to intervene in the action himself. At first it seemed that Goku had the upper hand. However, Piccolo used all his strength and managed to weaken Goku with ease. Piccolo then managed to hit Goku with a radiation attack and thought he was dead because his heart stopped beating. As a result, Piccolo disappeared and went to King Castle with his loyal servant Piano - but before that he threw Prince Pilaf and his assistants from the ship.

On May 5th, Piccolo killed all of King Castle's guards and eventually found the king. He forced them to announce that he was now the new king. This happened and Piccolo declared that murder and manslaughter were now allowed. He also invented a game in which he destroyed one of the 43 districts of the world every year. The first district was the Western Capital, number 29.

But when he was about to fly to the capital, Tenshinhan came. He wanted to use the Mafuba first, but the rice cooker was damaged. That's why Tenshinhan wanted to kill Piccolo like that, but Piccolo only sent his servant Drum into the fight. Tenshinhan was defeated, but was saved by Goku, who had drunk from the Divine Water. In a tough and brutal fight, Piccolo broke Goku's left arm and both legs. Then he wanted to kill Goku, but with his right arm he fired a Kamehame-Ha and with the gorilla fist he pierced Piccolo. Piccolo then spat out an egg from which Piccolo Jr. hatched. Then it exploded.

Powers and abilities

The chief devil had the ability to lay eggs with his mouth, from which his servants hatched. Before he was rejuvenated by Shenlong, this drained his strength. He felt when these creations died.

His "children" include:

It is unclear whether Piano came out of an egg or whether he belonged to the pterodactyls and Piccolo had joined.

Those killed by Piccolo or his servants did not go to the afterlife. Instead, their souls buzzed in the earth's atmosphere until Shenlong awakened them.

Background information

  • Piccolo's name comes from the piccolo flute. All of his demons and / or servants are called like instruments.

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