What is murder


The first and most famous murder in the Bible: Cain kills his brother Abel.

Murder is a crime. Anyone who kills another person on purpose and has planned to do so is called a murderer. Murder is considered the worst crime there is. It is also particularly severely punished.

Anyone who kills, i.e. kills, another person can have various reasons for this. This is how soldiers kill each other in war. Some people accidentally kill someone or to defend themselves.

But whoever wants to kill someone else and then kills, commits manslaughter. This is already severely punished. Sometimes, however, the court decides that not only was killed, but murdered. Murder is a particularly bad form of manslaughter.

This means that the murderer still had certain reprehensible reasons for killing. Often one reason is greed. Anyone who kills a person so that he can rob him is committing robbery and murder. Another reason is the joy of killing. Racial hatred is also a reason why manslaughter is seen as murder. A murderer like that killed someone because they didn't like the victim's race.

How do you get punished for murder?

The penalties for murder in most countries are the toughest there are. In some countries like the USA or China this can be the death penalty. But even there, not every murder is punished like this.

In many countries you have to go to prison for the rest of your life for murder. The rules for doing this are slightly different in every country. In Germany, for example, the sentence is lifelong. A murderer can only be released after 15 years at the earliest, but not if the guilt was particularly serious. There are also exceptions for particularly old or sick murderers. In addition, young people cannot be locked up for more than ten years. This applies if the murderer was not older than 21 when the act was committed.

In Switzerland, life means "until the end of life". In the vast majority of cases, however, these convicts are released after 15 years in prison. Then when they stop committing a crime, it stays that way. If they are convicted again for another act, they will actually be put behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Murderers in Austria can be released after 16 to 25 years. It depends on whether the murderer has committed other crimes before or whether he was on trial for the first time.

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