How do you analyze real estate

Portfolio analysis

Analysis of portfolios

Analyze your real estate portfolio and export comprehensive portfolio analyzes enriched with market data.

  • Storage ratings
  • Property ratings
  • Aggregated cash flows
  • Regional evaluations
  • Automatic market data
  • Export to Excel

Frequent areas of application

The portfolio analysis is suitable for different areas of application. In addition to investment properties, you can also assign properties from the project development and valuation, condominium or single-family home modules to different portfolios.

  • Investment strategy
  • Owner advice
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Risk analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Investment planning
Institutional investors

Check your investment strategy and analyze your investment portfolios with the Excel export filled with market data.

Real estate owner

Keep an overview of your real estate portfolio and analyze the opportunities and risks for your strategy.


Summarize parts of your mortgage portfolio and analyze the export, which is enriched with numerous market data.


The portfolio analysis enables you to take a consolidated view of a large number of assessments.