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The adjective diametrically means "opposite" in educational language and thus describes facts, arguments, statements, positions etc. that are in completely opposite relationship to one another, i.e. are completely different.

The phrase "diametrically opposite ”, which is not necessarily pleonastic, but rather emphasizing. Stylistically, however, it is of dubious quality due to its inflationary use.

In mathematics in particular, the expression describes points on the outer edge of a geometric figure, the connecting line of which goes through the center of the figure and represents the maximum possible distance between two points within the boundaries of the figure. The simplest example of this is two points that are opposite each other on the diameter of a circle.

The origin of the German term is in late Latin diametralis (belonging to the diameter) and goes to the equivalent Greek diametros back.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[diameˈtʁaːl]

Usage examples

Your behavior contradicts customers given diametrically our corporate philosophy.

His words and his deeds behave diametrically to each other.

The work of the governing coalition has so far been very harmonious. With regard to the current question, the lead diametrical However, positions of the two parties on lengthy negotiations, the end of which is not yet in sight.

As for beer, my southern German friends and I have diametrical Preferences.

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