Is Amazon Echo dot safe for children

Alexa & Co .: Not yet suitable for children's rooms

Settings for voice assistants at a glance

There are currently no reliable parental controls for the most common language assistants. However, parents can use the available options to make the devices as safe as possible for their children. It is best for younger children in particular not to use the language assistants without their parents being accompanied.

Amazon Echo

Amazon's voice assistant is directly linked to the Amazon account. In this way, orders can be placed quickly and easily - theoretically also from the next generation. To prevent this, parents can deactivate voice shopping in the settings or save it with a confirmation code. The creation of a voice profile in the Alexa software is only used for the user experience. Deactivating the voice recording of individual users cannot take place via voice profiles and continues to pose a risk to children. In addition, the further use of the data obtained is unclear, as voice recordings are not automatically deleted. To delete the data from the server, you can contact Amazon customer service.

Google Home

Google offers the option to exclude some explicit content from playback. Parents can activate a restricted mode for YouTube via the menu of the Google Home app. For Google Play Music, explicit tracks on the radio can be blocked via the website. Content filters can be set up under "Digital Wellbeing" in the settings menu.

Apple Homepod

Anyone who has set Siri voice control on Apple devices can restrict the web search for children. Parents can use “Settings” and the “Screen Time” tab to restrict various Siri functions under “Content restrictions”. This includes web content and showing offensive language.