How much storage space does Xcode

Xcode free space requirement

I'm trying to update Xcode to 8.0. My operating system is 11/10/6 El Capitan. However, I get:

We couldn't complete your update
There is not enough space to install the product.

I have 14.22 GB of free space. How much do i need

UPDATE: I don't know the exact number, although I later managed to update with 17.21GB of free space.


The installation will require approximately 20 GB, considering the amount of space required to store / swap files with the .dmg file during the installation process.

I saw this on the app developer forum:

Check out the tab. You may see a purple segment labeled "Backups". This is the local Time Machine cache and it won't show up in the Finder's free space indicator as it can theoretically be cleared if that space is needed.


Many Thanks. I cleaned the system and freed it up for 20GB and its xcode is now being updated.


It seems that you do not need to clear enough free space. The OP was able to get it working by a method that was not mentioned in either the question or the answer.


20G is more than outrageous, but yeah ... Apple.