Why is JBJ disbanding

BON JOVI, June 21, 2013, Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart

See the world through the eyes of Jon Bon Jovi for once. That's it. The 51-year-old has got the hang of it: everything will be fine, everything is not that bad at all, carry on, don't let it get you down, always nice rock and something else with "baby". Then the matter is dry. Give me that beautiful life. If all else fails, the man isn't too bad to dig deeper into the toolbox of poetry: "Nananananananananaaaaa".

In his world adorns the cover of the record "Lost Highway" Of course the picture of a country road and when the word “rock” appears in the title of the song, it rocks like a hurricane - or just like Jon Bon Jovi, the human map of short distances. Always close to the crease and often enough with the sex appeal of someone who briefly folds their clothes before sexual intercourse. I don't know if that's bad - the only thing certain is: you really have to want it. If not, New Jersey's roughly eighth best pop star is at risk of wishing him the flu. But if you are in the mood, you can get Christmas, Easter, summer sales and Champions League victory all at once. The beautiful world without a point, comma, "if" and "but".

“Showtime in 15 Minutes” is on the video boards and the Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, AC / DC, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin echo out of the boxes, while Christina Stürmer comfortably signs autographs in the audience. "Christiiinnaaa" one of the stands yells in their direction. Then another. Only as one "Elfriiieeeddeeee!" yells, she turns and waves. I think I'm on the trail of something big. Then several limousines drive backstage. The boss and his crew come. Jon Bon Jovi.

On the Wasen, the man has a majority: there are only that many arms that are stretched to the sky for no reason at Depeche Mode. 30,000 people celebrate the New Jersey man before he even does anything. Those are probably the merits of being a legend, icon, or anyone else of this class. Hardly anyone expects great achievements, but is initially happy that you are there at all. Jon Bon Jovi has long since perfected this. Although in my little world he will always be a "65,000 guy".

The stage design is a real hit: the front of a huge Cadillac. The radiator grille, lights and windshield are video surfaces and the band is practically under the bonnet on the bumper - like the mosquitoes that sporty drivers like to stick to their cars, especially in summer.

"That’s What The Water Made Me" is the beginning, 1A pop rock without recognition value, but without any noteworthy messes, One Republik could just as easily perform with Markus Lanz. Better than the guano apes in the preliminary program, however, after roughly four tones. The Göttingen quartet held the opener positions of the concert together with Christina Stürmer. I missed the strikers, but unfortunately not Guano Apes. According to their own admission, they are always happy to be on stage, to rock. If only they had. However: not even singer Sandra Nasic manages to break down Alphaville's “Big in Japan”. It speaks for Alphaville, otherwise for nothing and nobody.

Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand, is not too bad to perform the hard labor on stage. He throws himself up to the audience in a strenuous and sympathetic manner. "Shot through the heart and you're to blame. Darling,…" and then everyone “Ju gieve lof a bäht nahim. Bäht sewim! " Batz. The number flies. All arms too. Bon Jovi and Wasen hardly need a refrain and they are all together at operating temperature. With "Raise Your Hands", also from "Slippery When Wet" Of course, Bon Jovi do not take prisoners either.

Delighted ladies swarm on the spot, take turns poking their index fingers in the air, smiling enraptured and clapping themselves in competition. This is music as pure entertainment, also in the background. It's like turning up the radio and hoping that something clever will come up. Something to sing along to. There's nothing wrong with that. And at the latest as Jon Bon Jovi "Born To My Baby" everyone smiles on the wasen. That is so profoundly positive. My foot bobs and I don't even ask why. Some things just have to be accepted as well.

"Nananananananananananaaaa, You we're born to be my Baby". One of them turned 50 and wants to dance - at least that's what it says on the cardboard sign that she holds up while she actually dances. In no time at all, two more women in their age group join them. Together they let their hips circle like the women in the Bon Jovi videos in the eighties - just without a stripper pole. The other girls hold a flag high on the "United States Marine Corps" stands. War and fun have never been closer together. Every now and then the women's corps turns around and encourages the bystanders to freak out. There is only more compulsion to participate at karaoke parties. Jon Bon Jovi sings live. Even if now and then with a frighteningly thin voice.

Richie Sambora is of course still not there. He was (temporarily) rationalized and replaced by Phil X. May he not have a surname, he is still a real rock guy. Jon Bon Jovi solves the dilemma with an almost ingenious move "Wanted Dead Or Alive", the former buddy anthem by him and the absent Richie Sambora. He brings a little boy on stage. Marco, "Eleven years old". When Jon Bon Jovi just lets him sing "Wanted Dead Or Alive", Wasen is finally upside down. "Jon Bon Marco!" calls the boss and almost grins the crowns off his face. Then the little one sings "I'm wanted" and raises the microphone into the evening sky so that everyone present sings "Dead Or Aaaaaalive". Bam. Show stolen. It doesn't matter at all that the little one was the winner at DSDS-Kids. "I've seen a million faces, and I rocked them all".

"Runaway," dude. Anyone with a song like this in their pocket wins for at least four minutes in life. That's probably why Bon Jovi dragged the thing out. It is granted to them. And of course there is a company there on stage. A company that wants to sell itself as best as possible, but in contrast to Rewe or Daimler, refrains are for sale and the special offer gives you a shabby attitude towards life and staged looseness. Christina Stürmer also comes back on stage and sings "Who says you can't go home". Bruce Springsteen, among others, had already taken on the role in the past.

But the man has the grand gestures in his blood. He stands with legs apart "Amen" on the mic stand, stretching out his arm towards the audience and grasping with his fingers for all the air that nobody can hold on to. Not even Jon Bon Jovi. Then he clenches his fist. And when he sings the word "Heart", then of course he also takes hold of his heart. So that the last one knows what he means. If you have any questions: "Love Is The Answer".

Partying or going home - there is now no place for ironic distance, trendy folklore or forced coolness. Bon Jovi are like "Wetten, dass ... ?!". Everything is colorful, everything is big and everyone present is smiling. At least a handful of really snappy songs and the fact that it is Friday evening are reason enough. To piss off that just because JBJ is playing the rock star would mean spitting sincere people into the soup. Only assholes do that. Nobody asks a Hollywood blockbuster if it's real. Then why start with Bon Jovi of all places?

Of course, it is often terribly cheesy, applied much too thickly and shamelessly scaled down to the lowest common denominator: “We (both) got jobs, cause there’s bills to pay”. But a few seats further a lady is fighting back tears, her companion grabs her shoulders and presses her to him. There are a thousand reasons not to stand Bon Jovi or to despise it all abysmally. At this moment, not a single one counts. "Keeping your food" is a good option and music is the best idea. No matter which. At home I can again praise Kvelertak and the MC5. I keep my mouth shut on the Wasen, because one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Occasionally a few people hold up sparklers for joy. Since the invention of the illuminating mobile phone display, you don't see it that often anymore. The moment is all the more beautiful because someone not only has sparklers lying around at home, but also flashes of inspiration for themselves: "Wait a minute, let's take some sparklers for the ballads ". This is one last spark of real rock romance, the place where people like Jon Bon Jovi are immortal. Even he cannot torpedo that with the sea of ​​candles on the video screen. After 140 minutes and “Living On A Prayer” it's over.

A few minutes later someone calls the fully packed U11 "hot and greasy" when he wants to get out. I have to grin, look at my smartphone and think "Hihi. Teflon ".