Where do you buy beekeeping supplies

Beekeeping supplies from a specialist

Around 150,000 beekeepers and around a million bee colonies produce honey in Germany - this is based on the latest statistics from the German Beekeeping Association. In order to obtain high-quality beekeeping products from honey, beekeepers will find everything they need Beekeeping supplies in our shop. We are happy to advise you on your order as well as on questions about beekeeping and honey harvesting!

Beekeeping accessories

As a beekeeper, you will find a wide range of bee products and accessories for beekeeping in our beekeeping shop. From frames to mating boxes and veils to hives, beekeepers can order their beekeeping accessories from us in our shop. Our products are suitable for both beginners and professionals. We would be happy to put together your basic equipment with you or advise you on the Beekeeping accessories!

Middle walls

In our own production facility, we manufacture dividing walls in various sizes and from the best beeswax.

The cast variant is particularly suitable for higher temperatures or for faster development of the bees. Here liquid wax is poured between two parallel embossing rollers that are cooled with water.

In the case of rolled center walls, the liquid wax is first processed into a wax ribbon and then pressed through two warm embossing rollers. This makes them thicker and more elastic, which makes them particularly resistant in cold temperatures. Incidentally, candles can be turned out of it very well.

Honey extractors

Our honey extractors made of stainless steel impress with their ease of use and cleaning. One differentiates:

  • Tangential extractor
  • Self-turning extractor
  • Radial slinger

In the tangential centrifuge, the honeycombs are arranged around the outer radius of the honeycomb basket - that is, they are tangential to the centrifugal bowl. This honey extractor is both inexpensive and protects the honeycomb from breakage.

The self-turning extractor turns independently thanks to centrifugal force and saves the beekeeper the time it takes to turn.

The radial centrifuge is equipped in a star shape in the direction of the central axis. By changing the direction of rotation, the sides can be machined alternately and the time-consuming manual turning of the honeycombs is no longer necessary.


In general, the herald's prey made of wood has established itself. A distinction is made here between the warm construction variant and the cold construction variant.

The Franconian booty is made of styrofoam; this makes this prey easier and protects the beekeepers from the cold. Here, too, 12 normal honeycombs and ten zander honeycombs fit exactly.

White pine is used in the Dadant prey after Ries, a very traditional prey. It is designed for 12 cells in the brood chamber.

For a (still) very small bee colony, a somewhat smaller offshoot hive is ideal. These are half as wide as the classic hive and can hold three to six honeycombs. The swarm boxes are very light and spacious, so that larger swarms of bees can also be caught and transported with them

Beekeeping products

The gold of the bees is also available in our shop in the form of organic honey and care products. In the manufacture of our beekeeping products, we pay attention to sustainable beekeeping in organic quality. Convince yourself of our products!