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Dissatisfied with the job? These are the 10 worst jobs in the world

Do you sometimes think that your job is just hell? Do you also spend a lot of time complaining and whining? Then there are "comforting" words for you right from the start: It always gets worse. If you don't believe that, you will do it after this post. Because here you read the 10 worst jobs in the world. So if your job doesn't involve life threatening, extreme odor nuisance, or disgusting activities, it is most likely not one of them.

1. Mauser

The name says it all. Did you know what a moult does all day long? In this job, the person has to see to it that mouse plagues are eliminated. An example of the application area is an airport. Mausers are often hired by airports to drive the mice back. Because if they become too many in the wild, they can endanger the aircraft's engines.

Advantages:You spend a lot of time in the fresh air, if you love animals, you have the opportunity to spend time with them, if you have a mouse phobia, you can treat it yourself this way.

Disadvantage:Mice can definitely cause disgust or transmit diseases, it is monotonous work, you are committed to driving away animals.

2. Crocodile tamer in Thailand

Crocodile shows are the standard program in Thailand when it comes to entertaining tourists. But what would your job as a crocodile tamer be? You “play” with the animal while it lies with its mouth wide open on the floor of the stage. This also includes sticking your hands or even your head in the crocodile's mouth.

It often happens that the animals do the so-called “death roll” with the trainers. Crocodiles use this twist to tear large pieces of meat from their prey. So if an animal gets the urge to eat the trainer during a show, this profession can become very dangerous.

Advantages: You are allowed to spend a lot of time in the water, you get a lot of attention from strangers, you stand on a “stage”.

Disadvantage:Earnings are rather bad (2.50 euros per show), you may be missing a few body parts after your working day, life-threatening.

3. Dixi-loo emptier

You've probably already used a dixi toilet or avoided it. In case you don't know what that is, it is these blue “boxes” that are set up at every festival and campsite as well as on every construction site.

If you thought these toilets clean and flush on their own, then we have to disappoint you. There are people who do this for a living: transporting, emptying and cleaning Dixi toilets. This is done with suction cups and water hoses. If you feel like it, you can read here what a Dixi-toilet emptier experiences.

Advantages:You have a job, allegedly you have a lot of freedom, you travel a lot.

Disadvantage:It stinks and the possibility that you also stink increases (relative to an office job), you get to know human abysses.

4. Animal feed tester ranked as one of the 10 worst jobs in the world

As the title suggests, a pet food tester is testing food for animals. It can be bird, cat, guinea pig, dog food, etc. There are just as few limits to the animal species as to the flavors.

As a pet food tester, you can taste your way through the range of pet food and rate it. You then try the new wet food for dogs and say “Oh, you can really taste the beef.” Supposedly, this activity is not paid that badly.

Advantages: Free food, you keep trying new things, supposedly well paid.
Disadvantage: It is animal feed, you cannot choose what you eat, there will rarely be a gala dinner.

5. Worker in condom factory

The next job also remains in the testing area, just not literally. Because: Every condom is subjected to a machine test. This takes place in the condom factory and is carried out by the condom quality controller, because he operates and monitors the machines. Inflation, tightness and stretch tests are made of these.

Advantages:Free condoms, you don't have to work with people, but with machines, safe job, because condoms will always be available.

Disadvantage:Omnipresent smell of rubber, your brain is working on the back burner, condoms are condoms and the job may be boring at some point.

6. The 10 Worst Jobs in the World: Chewing Gum Remover

Have you ever wondered what happens to chewing gum that you just spit on the floor? These rarely vanish into thin air. It takes a person to remove them with special machines and means. At least no one has to remove them by hand, it is still a rather disgusting task.

Advantages: You are in the fresh air a lot, you see different floor coverings, it doesn't stink.

Disadvantage: Chewing gum on the ground is a dime a dozen, the sight alone is disgusting, the task is a bit monotonous.

7. Golf ball diver

You read that right: gold ball diver. There are people who turn up golf balls that someone has sunk in a body of water or near the golf course. The golf ball diver throws himself into the shell: he needs a wetsuit, flippers, a breathing mask and compressed air bottles for his dive.

Equipped with a large net, it then goes diving in the various waters in which golf balls have disappeared. What he finds down there are not just balls, but also very cloudy water and poor visibility. In addition, algae and creepers are often waiting for him there. A professional representative describes here from his everyday life.

Advantages:Those who like the water spend a lot of time there, the surroundings on the golf course are usually beautiful, you keep moving.

Disadvantage:You shouldn't mind dirt, if you don't like toads, that's bad, you can get hit by golf balls.

8. Cuddle professional

Cuddling is not a bad thing in and of itself. But if you work as a professional cuddler, you don't just get your loved ones in your arms. The offer is said to be used most often by singles and single people. The idea originally came from America. If you browse through various cuddle offers, it becomes clear that it's really all about cuddling and not about sex.

Advantages:If you cuddle, you will also be cuddled, on an independent basis the fee is high, if you are not open, you will.

Disadvantage:You cuddle "randomly with everyone", you cannot say no to everyone because it is your job.

9. Living scarecrow as one of the 10 worst jobs in the world

This job is also known as the “bird controller”. You are really a living scarecrow and see that birds are kept away from a place. Here, as with the Mausers, the location is often the airport.

A living scarecrow ensures that the feathered animal does not even come near the runway. This is done, for example, by making the airport relatively unattractive to the birds. This includes, for example, that everything that could be considered food for the animals is removed from the area. If none of that helps, pistols can also be used.

Advantages: Lots of fresh air, you have a job, you spend a lot of time with animals.

Disadvantage: The air at the airport may not be the best; birds are sometimes unpredictable.

10. Sewage works divers

Finally, one more of the 10 worst jobs in the world. One that is rather disgusting: sewage works divers. But what are the tasks? During this work you have to dive down into a factory to clean the grids of the clarifier there. Because there is hair, toilet paper and much more. Without going into detail, there are all the things that we have got rid of.

Advantages:No back pain from a lot of sitting, well paid, the worst smell in everyday life does not matter at some point.

Disadvantage:Surrounded by stench, always underground, therefore dark work environment.

Those were the 10 worst jobs in the world. If you still do not feel your work is good, tips might help against your fear of the Sunday before the new work week.


Nicole Inez Fuchs is a freelance social media manager and copywriter. She has had her own blog on "Psychology and Satire" since 2014 and has been writing for OnlineMarketing.de since 2019.