What do you mean by spirit world

In the city

I hoped Tengu didn't do anything to Ingo. I didn't like him, but then I had to pay for it again. I was the only one in the house. Even if it didn't make sense because I was locked in my room. Ingo wouldn't care.

A short time later I heard a rumble. Then Tengu came back. He chuckled to himself. “There is a ghost attached to him. It influences him. ", Tengu explained when he stopped laughing." He sticks to him? How is that possible? "

"Shit shoes!" I heard it shout from below. Tengu laughed out loud. "Psssh." I made. Apparently Ingo had tripped over his feet. But I wasn't sure if Tengu had something to do with it.

"Do not worry. He can neither hear nor see me. You seem to be the only one around here. "

He sat on my bed and crossed his legs. I liked the way he sat there. I shook my head. This was not the time for such thoughts.

“I think I'll start over. Nobody seems to have told you anything about your disposition. "Now he was lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling.

"I am a ghost. You already noticed that. I am the guardian spirit of Diana. You can probably guess what a guardian spirit is. "I nodded." You should have one too. But we'll take care of that later. Your job is to free people from evil spirits or demons and to send them to where they belong. You also have to accompany good spirits if they don't make it to heaven on their own. "

Tengu paused. I needed that too. Good spirits, bad spirits, and demons. That sounded like a movie, not reality. But somehow it interested me too. So I decided to continue listening to him in peace.

“The head of the house downstairs is infested with an evil spirit. He is responsible for many acts that he would normally not do. If you don't remove it, it can turn into a demon. If you do this, the person is lost and he must be killed. It can even happen that he loses his human form. "

So Ingo was attacked by an evil spirit? That at least seemed to explain his change of heart and why he had changed so much at the time. “And what happened to you recently is called dimensional wandering. You are immersed in the spirit world. So normal people cannot see you. It is possible for you to move objects if you bundle a strong emotion "

It also explained why I was able to knock something over in the kitchen.

"How do I recognize the ghosts?" I asked curiously. "Actually, you should have seen them by now. Didn't you notice anything about the host?"

"Ingo. His name is Ingo. I didn't notice anything. "I thought about it, but couldn't think of anything." He has a dark gray veil around him. The darker the veil, the more evil the spirit. You can recognize a demon by the grimace he then eaten and the face of the demon is reflected on the face. "

That got a little too much for me. Tengu seemed to notice. "We'll discuss that again when the time comes."

I nodded. "How do you do that?"

Tengu looked at me. “You don't just make it go away. You need a companion who fights for you. That's why you actually have a guardian spirit. "That seemed logical to me. But it all seemed so surreal to me that it was not easy for me to digest all of it." How come I have never succeeded in I asked after some thought. Tengu stared again at the ceiling. "Have you ever really tried?" I shook my head. Until recently I didn't even have a clue that I could do something like that. The fact that one dimension of ghosts existed was new to me. "You see. I think when if you had tried it, you would have succeeded. "